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Blower Motor Replacement Guide

Blower Motor Replacement

When considering blower motor replacement to fix a failing car AC system, you want to do it correctly. You also want to decide if you can replace the motor yourself, and what it would cost at a repair shop.

That’s what this chapter is all about. You will learn about the blower motor replacement steps, the benefits when you install a new motor and the amount you’re likely to spend. Before the procedure to change a bad blower motor, let’s see why and when to choose replacement over repair.

old vs. new blower motor replacement

Every Thing You Need to Know About Blower Motor Replacement

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Blower Motor

Change your car’s blower motor if you notice any other signs.

  • The blower motor not working due to burnt out parts
  • The blower motor not working as a result of parts that are excessively worn

Next, let’s look at the procedure to change the motor

How to Replace a Blower Motor?

Here are the steps to change your car’s blower motor assembly. The process may be different for different vehicles. Consult your manual to find out when the motor is in your car. The process described here applies to those that have the component in the dash.

Must Haves

Ratchet and socket set

A flat-ended screw driver

New blower motor

Depending on the location of the motor in your vehicle, you may need a flashlight to light up dark areas and small mirror to see hidden places

How to Remove Blower Motor

Step 1 Disconnect the battery by detaching the negative or black cable. This is done to prevent accidents as you work with the electrical components of the motor assembly

Step 1 Find the blower motor in your car. It’s either behind the glove box or under the dashboard. In some vehicles, the motor is located in the engine compartment (check your car’s manual for the exact location).

Step 2 Using a screw driver, remove the panel or other parts that may be obstructing you from accessing the motor. That may not be the case if the motor is located in the engine bay.

Step 3 After accessing the motor, loosen and remove the screws that hold it in place. Remove the wire harness or connector as well

Step 4 Remove the blower motor and fan assembly

How to Install Blower Motor

Step 6 Confirm if your new motor is the same type and model as the one that you’re replacing. It should or you will end up trying to install the wrong device

Step 7 Place the new motor on the mounting surface, ensuring the bolt holes are in line with those on the mounting surface. Replace the mounting bolts or screws and tighten them appropriately

Step 8 Replace any part that you may have taken out during the removal process

Step 9 Replace the motor’s electrical connector followed by the battery cable that you had disconnected earlier

Step 10 Switch on the motor and confirm that the motor is working correctly and on all speeds. It should as operate quietly and push air forcefully through the vents

preparing to replace blower wheel

How to Replace Blower Motor Wheel

Sometimes, the blower motor is working but the wheel or fan broken. In such instances, you do not need to install the entire motor and fan assembly. You only need to change the wheel. Here is how to replace blower wheel assemblies.

Things needed

  • Socket wrench
  • Flat tipped screwdrivers
  • Vise grip or blower motor removal tool

Start by separating the wheel and motor. If you do not know how to remove fan from blower motor, follow these steps:

  • Remove the retainer clip and loosen the bolt in the center of hub. Use the vice grip or removal tool if the fan is stuck to the shaft. You may also need to use penetrating fluid if the bolt is rusty

  • Try to dislodge the wheel with your fingers. If it doesn’t come off, consider using your screwdrivers to remove it

  • Gently pry the wheel from opposite sides using the screwdrivers. This should move the wheel up the shaft gradually until you can slide it off using your hand

  • Check the fan for damage such as cracks

  • Position your new blower wheel on the motor’s shaft and slide it in

  • Lock it in place using the retainer clip and replace the bolt

  • Replace the blower motor assembly using the steps described above

Blower Motor Replacement Cost

The cost to replace blower motor and fan assemblies varies greatly. That’s because different vehicles use different versions of the device. Having said that, the car blower motor replacement cost ranges from around $75 for the most basic models to about $300 or more. The amount includes labor charges and the cost to purchase the component.

If you know how to change blower motor and fan assemblies, you can reduces the cost to only the blower motor price which is usually between $50 and $200 for most models. The amount could be higher for high-end cars. Besides the cost to replace blower motor in car HVAC systems, it’s important to know what you’re likely to spend when replacing other parts of the motor circuit as such as fuses, relays, resistors, and control module.


Replacing blower motor assemblies when faulty offers a lasting solution. To cut costs, you may want to replace the device yourself. As you have seen, the blower motor replacement steps are few and the component easy to access. Using the method described here, you can restore your failing AC system without breaking the bank to do so. You only need the replacement motor, which you can obtain at a fraction of the repair cost when you involve a mechanic.

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