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Blower Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN is a marketer and a blower motor manufacturer for motor vehicles of different types, vehicle models, and production year. SONTIAN is a product of 2 decades of manufacturing expertise that was achieved through the collective efforts of employed engineers and professionals.

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Leading Blower Motor Manufacturer

Over the past two decades since the inception of SONTIAN in the automotive aftermarket world, the company enjoys constant and tremendous growth due to the consistent provision of reliable and honest aftermarket products. SONTIAN is here with OE-like quality available at a fraction of price compare to usual OEMs in the market.

One-stop Shop

SONTIAN is a reliable and experienced business partner for many aftermarket shops, suppliers, and distributors worldwide.

Built to Last

SONTIAN blower motors are manufactured for superior-quality composites. Thus, the product features a solid build that is expected to last for many years.

Real Manufacturer

Unlike other blower motor suppliers, SONTIAN has an actual manufacturing plant run by our employed industry-leading engineers and technical staff.

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Our Service to Customers


Blower Motor Manufacturer

Putting into consideration many vehicle types and different outdoor conditions of consumers from different sides of the world, SONTIAN ensures to cater to them all. Our Blower motor fan catalog offers custom and traditional solutions.

Custom Blower Motor

Here at SONTIAN, we eliminate the possibilities of damaged product due to mishandled delivery. All blower motor replacements are put into a sturdy packaging ensuring all units are and still in their complete condition once received.

Sturdy Product Packaging

Here at SONTIAN, we eliminate the possibilities of damaged product due to mishandled delivery. All blower motor replacements are put into a sturdy packaging ensuring all units are and still in their complete condition once received.

Fast and Reliable Product Transport

Backing up our improved packaging is the company’s one of a kind delivery system, which allows consumers from overseas to receive their purchases on time and not a minute late.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Blower Motor

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Our blower motor company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

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Fit 30+ Car Makes

Our 2 decades of manufacturing expertise allow us to incorporate much original equipment (OE) fit, form, and performance. This gives SONTIAN partners the benefit of OE functionality at a low blower motor cost.

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Annual Production Capacity

SONTIAN is a brand trusted by 80 million users worldwide, with products renowned nationwide and exported extensively to over 80 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

Fully Automated Production Lines

We have 17 fully automated production lines for new energy intelligent motors.We adhere to the “three-fast” principle of rapid development, delivery, and problem-solving, committed to responding to customer needs faster.

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Outstanding Engineers

We have an independent R&D team with more than 70 outstanding engineers specializing in product research and development, collaborating deeply with domestic universities’ technical research.

How We Make Blower Motor

Blower motors are manufactured under stringent company standards allowing all innovations intact in every unit.

SONTIAN uses all-new materials in producing blower motor replacements promoting optimum product functionality and integrity.

SONTIAN blower motors are individually tested allowing only the best quality units are made available in the market.

Blower Motor Production

SONTIAN is headquartered in Rui-An city with over 90,000 sq. meter facility capable of mass-producing auto parts including blower motor. Producing thousand thousands of auto parts is what we do daily. To back it up, all production processes from choosing materials to use to tools utilized to execute the whole process are maintained by our workforce. 

Blower Motor Testing

We do not overdo things just like other blower manufacturers, we just do everything right to give consumers the benefit of comfortable driving in every product we have. All products are strictly tested with real-life simulation evaluation to assess how our product will perform under extreme conditions. This ensures the blower motor from SONTIAN is ready for immediate application as soon as received. Almost all parts of the blower motor assembly are permanently lubricated to generate exceptional heat abatement and to be of service for long years.

Certification and Global Support

We are one of the few automotive blower motor manufacturers in China’s aftermarket that delivers exacting OE-quality components. With that, SONTIAN has been ISO certified blower motor assembly manufacturer. Below are some of our international recognition.

ISO 14001
EMC Directive 108/EC
IATF 16949
Client Review
Case Study

SONTIAN products are well-recognized in China’s aftermarket scene and also to many neighboring countries. We export to different regions of the world through our growing distribution network.

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