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Wiper Motor Manufacturer

Part of the growing catalog of SONTIAN is our wiper motor solution. Our two of experience has sculpted our name as one of the leading wiper motor manufacturers in China’s aftermarket. We produce wiper motor replacement that not only looks like but performs the same as original equipment.

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Leading Wiper Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN vast range of wiper motor application compatibility comprises different types of vehicles such as heavy-duty applications, late-model vehicles, light-truck, and performance cars. You can always depend on SONTIAN for whatever it is that you exactly need. 

20 Years Experience

For over two decades, SONTIAN has been labeled amongst windshield wiper motor manufacturers that pioneers product development for the aftermarket.

Flexible Production

Alongside our universal windshield wiper motor comes our custom product capability. You specify the features, we give them to you.

Safety and Security

SONTIAN wiper motor is manufactured using the utmost craftsmanship with the customer in mind to promote safety.

Featured Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor With Two stage deceleration structure​

Wiper Motor With Module And Built-in Connecting Rod Structure​

Common Series Wiper Motor​

Our Service to Customers


Wiper Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN specializes on different auto parts which include windshield wiper motor for different vehicles today. We manufacture, distribute, and supply aftermarket businesses from inside China and to many neighboring countries and regions worldwide.

Custom Wiper Motor

We create the usual 24v and 12v wiper motor but we don’t put aside custom product requests. Our facility are well equipped with tools capable of producing products that has specific features that consumers wanted.

Product Transport

SONTIAN believe that quality aftermarkets deserve delivery of equal grade. The company ensures all overseas purchases are well-packed to keep factory-like condition intact until products are received.

Customer Service

Here at SONTIAN we provide end to end service. Our team of customer support are ready to help you make the right purchase for your specific vehicle.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Wiper Motor

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Our Wiper Motor company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

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More than 20 years

SONTIAN has rich background experience and expertise in our sleeve. Manufacturing auto parts and serving different consumers allow us to understand the needs of automotive industry as a whole. We prioritize customer satisfaction above anything else.

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90,000 sq. meter facility

All products of SONTIAN are strictly being produced inside the company’s policy without any third-party production whatsoever. This ensures all products are maintained in at a quality that conforms to the company’s standards.

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7 Conveyor Product Line

Fast phase production is what we experience daily. From medium to large size project, we can handle them all. This allows all products including the wiper motor price to be available lower than the usual original equipment distributors.

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Backed by 4 Certifications

Due to the consistent provision of wiper motor replacement and other components, SONTIAN has been recognized by 4 of the highest international standard certifications.

How We Make Wiper Motor

100% all-new materials are used in construction of SONTIAN wiper motor for efficient overall functionality.

SONTIAN is equipped with the latest manufacturing tools that are fully automated resulting in precise engineered wiper motors and other auto parts.

Products undergo rigorous testing ensuring effective window system aid.

Radiator Fan Manufacturing Process


Film Calendering


Curtain Cutting


Molding Reel


Rubber Mixing





Wiper Motor Production

As a wiper motor supplier, SONTIAN utilizes the latest manufacturing equipment and materials of the highest quality in creating window solution for every known vehicle brand today. Procedures are ensured to meet or exceed the strictest standards of the industry as well as the ISO quality system.
Also, you can be sure that nothing is compromised in manufacturing. With our 450+ general employees in the production department and 80 designers and engineers, production is certain to be handled and being well taken care of.

Wiper Motor Testing

Being on the top of the chain together with other automotive windshield wiper manufacturer, we put into consideration different factors when producing our wiper motors. We test our products under real-world simulation where they undergo extreme weather conditions. From extreme cold due to rain and snow to heat from a dry environment, all wiper motor under SONTIAN’s umbrella guarantees to perfectly perform under any given circumstances.
Rubber composites are of the highest quality to shell-in electrical connections and feature the highest possible resistance to water and moisture.

Certification and Global Support

With the continuous expansion of aftermarket demand for the automotive industry, wiper motor manufacturers can now be seen from everywhere across the Asia Pacific. Places like in India, China, Australia, and New Zealand are amongst the biggest contributor in the global market.
SONTIAN is an authorized wiper motor manufacturer recognized by the highest certification of ISO 9001: IAFT 16949. We also emphasize a safe work environment in our facilities resulting in another certification under OHSAS 18001.

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


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SONTIAN products are patronized by many suppliers, distributors, professional technicians, and car owners from all around the world. The company products has feature to different famous projects from both local and abroad.

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