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Auto Parts Solution

SONTIAN Auto Parts and Accessories are the product of many years of development and innovations using state-of-the-art technologies.

Who We Are

SONTIAN engineers, manufactures, and distributes top-tier automotive components to different places across the globe. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies SONTIAN parts ensure to meet the stringent standards of high-quality.


Full-Automatic Production Line

      60,0000+ Items

Annual Output Capacity

Our Mission

To achieve Sontian’s Brand being one of the world’s best-known label in the Automotive Parts Industry.

Auto Parts Solution Provider

With over 2 decades in the industry, we understand exactly what you need. SONTIAN auto parts are here to give you the best possible solution for your automotive needs.

Window Regulator Solution

SONTIAN is a leading window regulator manufacturer that offers wide range coverage from vintage cars and vehicles of today. From manual to power window regulator, SONTIAN products got you covered.

Wiper Motor Solution

We manufacture every unit with the utmost care and with the customer in mind. Stands as one of the top wiper motor manufacturers in the industry, SONTIAN wiper motors feature heavy-duty compounds that will serve your window system for many years to come.

Radiator Fan Solution

As a radiator fan manufacturer, it is our duty to give you products you can depend on. SONTIAN radiator fan provides efficient cooling keeping your engine at its proper operating temperature at all times. This promotes a longer life span of your vehicle engine.

Blower Motor Solution

SONTIAN is one of China’s premier blower motor manufacturer. Automotive HVAC blower motors by SONTIAN gives you total freedom and temperature control inside your vehicle for a more comfortable ride.

Global Automotive Motor Parts Factory

We are a recognized manufacturer under highest standards of ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 quality system and product standards.
Products we create are being used for both domestic and foreign applications.

 Systematic Volume Production

SONTIAN has 17 conveyor product line capable of mass producing auto parts catering to medium to large demand from clients.

Vehicle-Specific Designed

We manufacture automotive components that will deliver exacting specifications as to many OEM parts in the market. Our products cover 30+ automaker brands.

Start Your New Business With SONTIAN Automotive Motor

Digital Factory Podcast

Adapting to drastic development of technologies used in auto parts manufacturing, we at SONTIAN equipped ourselves with nonetheless, advanced manufacturing tools and machinery. From materials to production, to testing and packaging, SONTIAN auto parts are certain to be of highest grade.

Factories Production
Manufacturing Project
Industrial Specialty

Feature Factory Process

From choosing the best materials to individual product evaluation, SONTIAN ensures not to compromise anything to give you the best solutions possible.

Material Handling

All new compounds are incorporated into every design resulting in a reliable product catalogue ready to be shipped out your way.

Manufacturing Tools

SONTIAN facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies offering consumers and clients a set of solutions from the future.

Strict Evaluation

Real-world test simulations where products are tested ensuring every unit are capable of immediate application.

Precise Engineering

Incorporating all known OE upgrades and innovation combined with improved materials for better fitment, performance, and life span.

For 20 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Auto Motor Part Solution

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Quality Engineer

100 +

Times Testing

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Produce over 6 million per year

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Fit 6+ Certification

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend SONTIAN over time.

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