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SONTIAN Wiper Motor

Since 1993

The wiper motor is a small electrical component responsible for moving your windshield wipers enabling the elimination of debris in your windshield for a clearer road view. SONTIAN Wiper Motor is made fully compliant to ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 quality system and standards. All units feature OE quality in fit, form, and function.

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SONTIAN Windshield Wiper Motor

Efficient Cleaning

The windshield wiper motor operates at high speeds, ensuring quick cleaning of the windows and maintaining driving safety.

Low Noise

The windshield wiper motor features a quiet design, producing minimal noise that doesn’t disturb the driver.

Strong Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the windshield wiper motor can function normally even in harsh weather conditions, and it remains operational without issues over extended periods of use.


Designed for energy efficiency, the windshield wiper motor effectively reduces energy consumption, saving on energy costs for the vehicle owner.

Why Choose SONTIAN Wiper Motor

As an auto part manufacturer, the quality customer is what matters most to us. Our windshield wiper motor specs are made into an exacting feature of what you expect to find in original equipment. Alongside universal windshield wiper motor or the generic wiper moto solutions, custom solutions are also made available to ease out daily driving stresses caused by a failing window system and guarantees to efficiently deliver wiper transmission controlling the wiper arm as desired.

Types of Wiper Motor SONTIAN Can Offer

SONTIAN has variety of wiper motors manufactured from different materials to fit different application requirements from passenger to commercial type vehicle. All wiper motors are expertly crafted to last for long years.

Wiper Motor With Two stage deceleration structure​

Wiper Motor With Module And Built-in Connecting Rod Structure​

Common Series Wiper Motor​

SONTIAN Wiper Motor Parts

SONTIAN wiper motors are 100% OEM and made to offer top notch functionality. All SONTIAN wiper motors are also plug and play units with no modifications necessary during installation. That is in addition to resisting damage and offering reliability in different conditions.

Wiper Motor
The heart of a wiper motor assembly is a powerful 12V DC motor. The motor is normally connected to a gear assembly to multiply torque and provide enough power to drive the wiper assembly

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Wiper Motor Gearbox
The gearbox is the part that contains the mechanism to transfer motion to the wiper linkage. It also often houses the wiper parking switch.

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Wire Connectors
Wiper motor connector brings power to the motor. They also communicate important signals to ensure the proper operation of the motor

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Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Wiper Motor

SONTIAN Wiper Motor Advantages

SONTIAN wiper motor replacement cost lower than competitors’ products, yet offering the same standard and functionality as OE.

Universal windshield wiper motor catering to different vehicles promoting outstanding performance for safety and security.

Heavy-duty construction guarantees to withstand harshest outdoor factors such as dust, water, and other element that can cause failure.

SONTIAN wiper motor contributes to overall safety and driving comfort by producing minimal, almost no noise operation.

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Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888

Exportation business: 0086-577-65321888


Call US:

Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888
Exportation business: 0086-577-65321888

Our Wiper Motor Fits Make

We manufacture over 800 types of windshield wiper motor products, suitable for car models including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, General Motors, Renault, Mazda, Toyota, Jeep, Opel, Nissan, and more. The main export markets are North America, South America, and Europe.

Our Wiper Motor Certified

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16949


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