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Our Value


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Our Value

Want to know what drives SONTIAN’s workforce into action? What keeps us doing the things we do? Or how we have maintained high standards for so long?

It all comes down to our Believe, Philosophy and Vision.

SONTIAN is an auto part solutions provider offering bespoke automotive items in line with customers specifications and design. We offer wide range coverage across multiple horizons. From window regulators for vintage cars to heavy-duty wiper motor solutions for vehicles of today, our collection got you covered.

SONTIAN’s products are optimised to suit different standards and still maintain a quality that guarantees excellence on all fronts. Whether you are looking for radiator fan solutions that promote longer lifespan of your vehicle engine or blower motor solutions that gives you the freedom and temperature control you need for a comfortable ride – our experts are just a call away.

We are well aware of the fact that our customer’s satisfaction lies at the intersection where our solutions breed success. We desire to see our customers succeed, and we know that to achieve that goal, our production line needs to be entwined with our customer’s needs.

At SONTIAN, our state of the art technology, manufacturing tools and machinery is backed by a belief, philosophy and vision our workforce strive to actualise every day on the job.

Our Believe

We believe in high quality. We believe in innovations and designs of the future. We believe in the efficiency of a production line endorsed with state of the art technologies. And most of all, we believe in delivering solutions championed by extraordinary innovations and ideas handpicked to meet our customer’s needs.

Our Philosophy

Maintain high productivity, to go the extra mile, and go beyond. Behind our every OEM and aftermarket products, behind our limitless ideas or designs of the future, behind our conventional strategies, developments and implementations, we stand by concepts and procedures far above, but yet untold.

Our Vision

The stringent standards you see SONTIAN’s workforce try to maintain, the everyday production hassle, and the mindless commitment to top quality all boil down to a simple yet irrepressible vision – Evolving into the world’s best-known label in the Automotive Parts Industry.

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