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SONTIAN Blower Motor

Since 1993

The Blower Motor is the fan and an electrical component located inside your dashboards that mainly supplies all the airflow inside the vehicle. SONTIAN Blower motor is made into exacting specifications that cater to more than 30 automaker brands and thousands of vehicles under them. All new materials are incorporated to deliver lasting service life.

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SONTIAN AC Heater Blower Motor

Excellent Balance Performance

The product’s balance performance is 100% calibrated, surpassing industry standard requirements.

Effective and Reliable

The product assembly undergoes 100% performance testing, ensuring effective and reliable performance.

Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly

High-performance magnets are used to enhance motor efficiency, reduce power consumption, and promote energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Resistant to Deformation

The fan blades and base use PP10 GF30 material, increasing strength with added fiberglass, resulting in minimal deformation and a more reliable product.

Why Choose SONTIAN Blower Motor

The blower motor in your vehicle is an important part of your car’s engine cooling system. It is necessary to keep it, your blower motor resistor, and the blower motor wheel in good condition to prevent your engine from overheating. 

SONTIAN is you reliable blower motor manufacture for blower motor replacement needs. We are equipped with our Research and Development Department ensuring our products are incorporated with the latest manufacturing trends and features.

Blower Motor Types SONTIAN Can Offer

SONTIAN is here with reliable blower motors that are certain to fit any application’s blower motor connector. Our blower motor fan will effectively deliver a proper cooling effect that will keep your engine away from over-heating.

Single Wheel Blower Motor Assembly

Blower Motor With Housing

Blower Motor With Double Wheels

SONTIAN Blower Motor Parts

Each Blower Motor by SONTIAN uses top-quality and latest technologies to offer the advantage of low-noise operation, stable performance, and long service life. Blower motors are expected to deliver functionality that are synonymous to your stock unit.

Blower Motor

The motor operates from a 12V source and provides the power to turn the blower wheel. It is usually a permanent magnet or electromagnet motor.

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Blower Motor Wheel Cage
This is the blower fan and designed in the form of wheel cage. The cage contains blades that blow air when the moor sets it spinning. It is normally made from plastic

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Blower Motor Housing
The blower motor housing covers the motor and protects it from damage. It also mounts the blower motor assembly and contains the blower motor connectors

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Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Blower Motor

SONTIAN Heater Blower Motor Advantages

High strength composites are used in constructing SONTIAN blower motors making them durable and capable of withstanding operational stresses.

Improved functionality that tops even OE components. An ideal choice of the solution compared to blower motor repair or refurbished parts.


Fitting to many vehicles makes – giving your shop the flexibility advantage at a low cost.


Designed to incorporate all known OE innovation and upgrades while fixing flaws present for better replacement even compared to OE.

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Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888

Exportation business: 0086-577-65321888


Call US:

Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888
Exportation business: 0086-577-65321888

Our Blower Motor Fits Make

Our blower motor is sure to make you cool and feel comfort when driving on the road, no matter it is in the hot summer or the cold winter.

Our Blower Motor Certified

ISO 14001
EMC Directive 108/EC
IATF 16494
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