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Radiator Fan Manufacturer

SONTIAN is a premium supplier and radiator fan manufacturer for all of China’s aftermarket scene. The company has been on the auto part service since 1993. Experience and rich background are what established SONTIAN today.

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Leading Radiator Fan Manufacturer

Sontian produces over 1300 types of radiator fans, primarily for car models from Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot, and Lada. These products are extensively exported to countries and regions such as Germany, Denmark, Turkey, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. With over 20 years of export experience, Sontian has earned customer recognition through excellent quality and attentive service, establishing long-term stable partnerships with some Fortune 500 companies.

Vast Option

We give tangible solutions for immediate repair, maintenance, and radiator fan replacement needs of different vehicle types, models, and make.

Customized Products

Together with traditional design, SONTIAN creates custom radiator fan blade design to support consumers that requires specific product features.


Unlike the usual OE radiator fan suppliers, our products cost less but engineered to perform just like the original equipment.

Featured Radiator Fan

Radiator Fan without Frame

Single Wheel Radiator Fan Assembly

Double Wheel Radiator Fan Assembly

Our Service to Customers


Radiator Fan Manufacturer

SONTIAN is your best partner in automotive cooling products such as electric radiator fan. The company has been on the aftermarket scene bringing innovation of many OEMs to incorporate on every product we offer.

Custom Radiator Fan

Considering different driving environments and vehicle requirements, we just not only provide conventional radiator fan replacement, but SONTIAN also produces custom car radiator fan to serve consumers that want something more specific and fitting to their vehicles.

Custom Package for Business

SONTIAN radiator fan motor is being handled with the utmost care on every delivery we make. We implement the usage of transit tested and improve packaging making sure that every order will be received in their pristine condition.

Product Transport

We value your time just as you do. SONTIAN offers a unique delivery system that allows you to receive your radiator cooling fan on the date promised and not a minute late. The company has a success rate of on-time delivery of nearly 99.9%.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Radiator Fan

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Our radiator fan company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

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Square Meters

Established in 1993, SONTIAN Electric’s current factory floor area has reached 90,000 square meters. Honors such as “Provincial Enterprise Research Institute” and “National High-tech Enterprise” are testimonials and shining business cards of Matsuda’s development.

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Outstanding Engineers

We have an independent R&D team with more than 70 outstanding engineers specializing in product research and development, collaborating deeply with domestic universities’ technical research.

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Annual production capacity

Sontian is a brand trusted by 80 million users worldwide, with products renowned nationwide and exported extensively to over 80 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

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Fully Automated Production Lines

SONTIAN has 17 fully automated production lines for new energy intelligent motors, 40 assembly lines, and a wide range of products such as radiator fans, power window lifters, air conditioner blowers, windshield wipers, and starters, receiving widespread recognition from global customers.

How We Make Radiator Fan

SONTIAN radiator fans are strictly manufactured inside the company’s certified facilities ensuring production processes are well maintained and handled. 

Fully Automated production are utilized by SONTIAN in creating radiator cooling fan to precisely applied all innovation and upgrades of OE

All products are strictly evaluated ensuring units are ready for real-world application as soon as received. 

Radiator Fan Production

Here at SONTIAN, we do not compromise a single thing in production. Just like OE radiator cooling fan manufacturers, SONTIAN uses technology and high-grade materials in creating radiator fans. This is to ensure all upgrades, features, and specifications of factory units are incorporated in our products.
To any flaws present in OE cooling fan manufacturer products, SONTIAN engineers ensure to eliminate those. This gives our product an edge to OE aside from being more affordable.

Radiator Fan Testing

To give consumers radiator fans that have exacting performance, durability, and reliability like the products from OE electric radiator fan manufacturers, we implement testing and evaluation that uses strict standards. All fan blades materials used for a different type of application offer natural resistant to high-temperature and chemical. SONTIAN radiator fans are also tested to generate less vibration compared to conventional radiator fans. 

Certification and Global Support

Below are some of the certifications where SONTIAN is recognized. We are a recipient of the highest standard quality of ISO. We make use of this certification as a standard to consistently produce radiator fan replacements with world-class quality.

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16949


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SONTIAN aftermarkets which include radiator fans are being exported to many places from different sides of the globe. This gives interested aftermarket businesses an easy access to our product line.

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