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BLDC Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN is a brand of premium grade and advanced BLDC Motor products for different applications. For over 20 years, SONTIAN has set the highest standard when it comes to BLDC Motor quality, design, and building. Incorporating all gained knowledge from two decades of manufacturing experience and sharpened expertise, SONTIAN is certain to deliver high torque brushless motor at all times.

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Leading Brushless DC Motor Manufacturer & Supplier

With wide application coverage, SONTIAN provides you with a better solution compared to random BLDC motor suppliers on the market. From conventional BLDC motor units of 12v to different brushless motor specifications that you require, SONTIAN will make it happen.

Maintenance-Free Operation

With brushless DC motor, SONTIAN product offers optimum reliability, longer life expectancy, and maintenance-free operation.

High Torque Performance

Precise engineering resulting in high performance that provides large torque. Operates at high speed under any given condition.

Wide Application Coverage

As one of the leading BLDC motor manufacturers in China, SONTIAN ensures to create products that will be of use by different makes and brands.

Featured BLDC Motor Products

Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Blower Motor

Brushless DC Fan Motor

Our Service to Customers

BLDC Motor Manufacturer

For over two decades, SONTIAN implies strict manufacturing surveillance to whatever product we offer. Manned by more than 400 Professionals, all units are produced with uncompromised quality that allows us to outstand together with international BLDC motor suppliers.

Fast Product Distribution

With existence for over 20 years, SONTIAN has been partnered with many brushless dc motor suppliers and aftermarket businesses. This enabled us to globally supply products faster and more convenient. Moreover, it allows our customers’ product transport expenses to be lower compared to other brushless dc motor manufacturers.

Low-Price Guaranteed

To be a leading brushless motor supplier, it is a must to have high-grade bldc motor products on hand. But, here SONTIAN, we are not limited by just the quality of what we offer. We ensure advertise them at a highly competitive price to be enjoyed by customers from different regions of the world.

Safe and Secure Product Packaging

With top-notch BLDC motors in hand, we give our customers the assurance of receiving their orders in their pristine condition. Thus, SONTIAN utilizes an in-house, custom made packaging that is tested to withstand delivery stresses.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

BLDC Motor

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Our BLDC Motor company continually expands to meet the current customer’s demands.

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Industry-Leading Engineers

Being one of China’s dominant brushless dc motor manufacturers, we have equipped ourselves with in-house R&D that is manned by over 70 Engineers responsible for maintaining flawless production and keep our products update with the latest developments.

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Annual Production Capacity

Matsuda is a brand trusted by 80 million users worldwide, with products renowned nationwide and exported extensively to over 80 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

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Fully Automated Production Lines

SONTIAN is amongst the few brushless motor manufacturers in China and bldc motor manufacturers in the USA that utilizes multiple conveyors allowing fast phase and large quantity production. The company’s daily output of different component numbers more than 8,000 parts.

10000 +
90,000 Square Meter Facility

Headquartered in Rui-An City, SONTIAN houses inside a massive, 90,000 square meter production facility that is manned by over 450 general employees and cater 3 million units annually. With these numbers, we are globally recognized as one of the best and largest bldc motor manufacturers today.

How We Make BLDC Motor

BLDC Motors are produced using 100% brand-new materials that are manufactured in-house. This results in achieving maximum functionality.

Before leaving the factory for shipment, all BLDC Motors are individually tested and evaluated by SONTIAN professionals for hassle-free product performance.

Products undergo rigorous testing ensuring effective window system aid.

Radiator Fan Manufacturing Process


Film Calendering


Curtain Cutting


Molding Reel


Rubber Mixing





BLDC Motor Production

Unlike your usual bldc motor manufactures and so-called suppliers, SONTIAN has an actual manufacturing site. Our production facility is certified under ISO 9000 which all units are produced in a consistent manner that complies with the highest standards of ISO 9001: IATF 16949. With intensive maintenance and strict product testing tools, bldc motor products we offer such as brushless blower motor and brushless radiator fan ensures to provide the required specifications and performance of different applications. With the ever-changing demand for bldc motor units, Showsen also ensures to adapt by creating custom solutions that you will not see on other bldc motor manufacturers even outside China’s market.

BLDC Motor Testing

Products under the SONTIAN BLDC Motor catalog undergoes rigorous testing before making it to the market. We are among the industry’s ISO certified bldc motor manufacturers, thus, it is our duty to create bldc motor products that meet the stringent, highest international standards. All BLDC units are tested ensuring they can operate at high-speed and provide high torque performance under any given conditions and operational demands. All magnets are of 100% condition providing optimum reliability and are designed to maximize performance while minimizing the noise output.

Certification and Global Support

Given its consistent provision of reliable products including BLDC motor units, SONTIAN is one of the industry’s bldc motor manufacturers that has received the highest international certification of ISO 9000. Products we market are ISO 9001: IATF 16949 compliant as well.
We also have received the OHSAS 18001 Certification back in 2008 which emphasizes a safe working environment for our Professionals resulting in a more productive and efficient workflow.

ISO 14001
EMC Directive 108/EC
IATF 16949
Case Study

Benefitting from the advanced tools and product designing software, SONTIAN is one of the few bldc motor manufacturers that can tailor your product specifications with pure accuracy. Using raw materials that are built under the roof of the company’s ISO 9000 Certified Facility, SONTIAN makes sure to provide you with the exact parts you need featuring longevity like no other.

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