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SONTIAN Radiator Fan

Since 1993

The Radiator Fan is part of the engine cooling system and is one of the components that keep your engine running at the right temperature. SONTIAN Radiator fan replacements are created into the likeness of your Parts. They offer matching dimensions to give you an alternative that is easy to install and fit like the original equipment.

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Search for your part by vehicle year, make and model.

SONTIAN Radiator Cooling Fan Motor

Affordable Price

SONTIAN car radiator fan price is more affordable than usual provider of OE radiator fan in the market.

Perfect Fits

Radiator fan replacement by SONTIAN is installed the same as factory unit. Offers features and dimension synonymous to OE.

Durable and Powerful

Solidly constructed and built to last offering the best electric radiator fans you can see on the global aftermarket.

Top-grade Material

Crafted using hand-picked materials, our cooling fan for your car will be the best option if looking for seamless replacement for your worn out part.

Why Choose SONTIAN Radiator Fan

Ever wonder how does a radiator fan work? Electric cooling fans for cars also referred to as the radiator fan is critical to the overall engine performance and longevity. The radiator fan function as a cooling device that keeps the engine from overheating. That is why SONTIAN creates replacement that suits every application’s radiator fan motor specifications requirements. With this, SONTIAN was made into of China’s leading radiator fan manufacturers.

Types of Radiator Cooling Fans SONTIAN Can Offer

Electric engine cooling fan by SONTIAN are built to the highest standard of quality and under closely monitored manufacturing processes. Every cooling fan features OEM specifications for stable performance that guarantees fitment and premium durability.

Radiator Fan Motor

Single Wheel Radiator Fan Assembly

Double Wheel Radiator Fan Assembly

SONTIAN Radiator Fan Parts

SONTIAN radiator cooling fans are built to the highest standard of quality and under closely monitored manufacturing processes. Every cooling fan features OEM specifications for stable performance and guaranteed fitment, and premium plastic or steel parts for durability.

Radiator Fan Motor
Used in modern electric radiator fans, the motor runs off the battery’s 12 volts and provides the power to rotate the blades. Dual radiator cooling fan assemblies use two different motors.

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Fan blades
These are the parts, often plastic, that spin to direct air to the radiator. The blades are also either straight or curved.

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Fan Frame
The frame holds the radiator cooling fan assembly together. It also contains the holes to mount the fan and is usually made from metal.

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Over 25 years
of experience
ISO 9001/
IATF 16949 Certification Manufacturer

Radiator Fan

SONTIAN Radiator Fan Advantages

The radiator fan is designed with advanced aerodynamics and high-quality materials, ensuring efficient cooling and stable equipment temperatures.

With a low-noise design and premium bearings, the radiator fan produces minimal noise during operation, enhancing user comfort in the environment.

radiator fan details

Utilizing high-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensures that the radiator fan has excellent durability and a long lifespan, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacements.

Designed to incorporate all known OE innovation and upgrades while fixing flaws present for better replacement even compared to OE

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Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888

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Call US:

Domestic market: 0086-577-25628888
Exportation business: 0086-577-65321888

Our Radiator Fan Fits Make

Enjoy wide coverage of SONTIAN cooling fan assembly replacement. SONTIAN radiator fan are available for custom build to deliver a more personal cooling aid for your car. Alongside standard 4 inch radiator fan for a simple vehicle, SONTIAN also cater requests for trucks and trailers having dual electric fans with shroud that measures from 4000 cmf electric radiator fans to 6000 cmf electric fan.

Our Radiator Fan Certified

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16949


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