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Our Manufacturing Plan


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Our Manufacturing Plan

Consistency is long term strategy broken into actionable bits. Our production line has been running at optimal speed for the past two decades. From trading companies in America, automotive aftermarket parts importers in Russia, to windshield wiper distributor in Germany, our manufacturing plants have impacted businesses worldwide.

SONTIAN’s manufacturing plants’ heavy-duty performance is all thanks to the dedication and commitment of its workforce. Our production line is powered by stringent processes that leave little to no room for compromise. Whether it’s in material handling, manufacturing, evaluation or engineering, uniformity to protocols and procedures is paramount.

To keep up with the environmentally friendly standards our manufacturing plants is optimised to uphold, the raw materials used in our factory are subject to strict processing measures. We care about our end product. We don’t manufacture our filters from prefabricated components. Our production process is centred around raw materials.

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