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Top Wiper Motor Manufacturers

The comfort of driving is one of the necessities of every car owner. But to some, especially to places with unstable weather conditions, a simple driving can be a pain due to a lack of visual factors. Windshield wiper arms are used to clear out debris such as dust, water, snow, and other outdoor elements producing in the windshield glass. To the overall wiping system of a vehicle, the wiper motor is considered the heart of the operation. Wiper motor manufacturers created this product to ensure the proper operation of wiper blades. With a bad wiper motor, it is nearly impossible for a driver to hit the road special under weather extremities. Symptoms of a bad wiper motor include unresponsive blade, wrong parking of blades, one-speed operation, and/or not working blades at all. Given its importance, it is necessary to have your system inspected when suspecting of having a bad one for a possible wiper motor repair or replacement.

Wiper Motor Market Overview

One of the driving factors of the Global wiper motor market growth is the continuous production of motor vehicles or automobiles. Many automakers incorporate OEM auto parts in their vehicles while some are partnered to wiper motor manufacturers. The wiper motor market is segmented into two different factors which are the aftermarket and original equipment. Products then are being applied to many different applications such as industrial, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, HMCs, and LMCs.

Below is a Geographical graph from maximizeresearch.com showing regions that play significant roles and contribution to the overall market, supply, and demand of the wiper motor.


Wiper Motor Manufacturers List:

BOSCH Wiper Motor


Bosch is a market-leading wiper motor supplier for both original equipment and aftermarket. The company’s operation is divided into four business sectors which include automotive technology, industrial technology, energy and building technology, and consumer goods. The company is known for the technology they offer worldwide that is “Invented for Life.”

Giving a clearer view no matter what weather condition outside is, is what BOSCH wiper motor promises to give. Wiper motor from Bosch ensure that driver enjoys driving even under weather extremities. Innovation contributes to the ongoing improvement of wiping quality, noise, and weight of the entire wiping system.

Here are some of the benefits of Bosch Wiper Motor:

  • High degree of safety – software functions detect and avoid overload caused by snow or ice
  • Low weight – smaller wiper systems result from intelligent mechatronics and efficient cleaning systems
  • Dual precision tensioned steel springs help create tension memory for a uniformed pressure along the entire blade length
  • Aerodynamic wind spoiler creates downforce which prevents the blade from lifting
  • FX dual-rubber technology
  • Weather shield connector system protecting the arm connection from snow build-up
  • Smooth and quiet operation

BOSCH Mobility Solutions: https://www.bosch-mobility-solutions.com/en/

BOSCH Mobility Solutions Wiper Systems: https://www.bosch-mobility-solutions.com/en/products-and-services/passenger-cars-and-light-commercial-vehicles/driving-safety-systems/wiper-systems/

BOSCH Auto parts Wiper Motor: http://br.bosch-automotive.com/en/internet/parts/parts_and_accessories_2/specials_1/commercial_vehicle/electrical_system/electric_motors_2/wischermotoren_electricmotors_electrics_truck_special/wischermotoren_electricmotors_electrics_truck_special_1.html#


Valeo Wiper Motor


Valeo is a key player for both the aftermarket and OE industry. They are a brand that is globally recognized as a top wiper motor supplier and provider of different automotive parts. The company promotes excellence in quality, design, and production in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction through creating innovative automotive products. Valeo offers a comprehensive selection of superior parts for a wide range of systems which includes thermal, electrical, transmission, lighting, and wiper.

Valeo has a complete range of wiper blades and Valeo wiper motor for OE and aftermarket. Valeo wiper motor is produced featuring premium quality parts to perform better than what the paper says. Excellence in fitment and suiting for different lifestyle is what they promise.

Features of Valeo Wiper System:

  • All wiper motors are 100% OE production and are adopted 1:1 for the aftermarket
  • Fitment accuracy are set to 100% – no risk of mounting failure
  • 100% high-quality materials from the original equipment
  • Same life cycle to that of OE
  • Experience manufacturer for different major car makes
  • Traceability for easier identification

Valeo Official Website: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com

Valeo Wiper Motors: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com/passenger-car/wiping-systems/wiper-motors

MITSUBA Wiper Motor


Mitsuba Automotive was established back in 1946 in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. This is where the production and sales of generator lamps for bicycles started. In 1951, the company started producing a wiper motor. Today, Mitsuba Motor is a global provider of different automotive products that responds to people’s safety needs through their “motor, control, and mechanism” technologies. Mitsuba products core are electrical components mainly for 4-wheel vehicle applications. Skills, products, and technologies of Mitsuba are also utilized in motorcycle components, nursing care equipment, and car accessories.

Mitsuba wiper motor features a lightweight, compact, and high-powered design, which caters to a wide range of automobiles. From light cars to luxury cars, as well as eco-cars, Mitsuba wiper motor is sure to fit. Some of Mitsuba wiper motor specifications include pinch protection for safer operation.

Benefits of Mitsuba Wiper Motor:

  • Wide coverage of car makes and models
  • Fitting for different types of vehicle
  • Anti-pinch technology
  • Durable

Mitsuba Company Profile: https://www.mitsuba.co.jp/english/company/history

Mitsuba Official Website: https://www.mitsuba.co.jp/english/

Mitsuba Electrical Products: https://www.mitsuba.co.jp/english/

DENSO Wiper Motor


Denso is a global supplier of automotive parts which include wiper motor for major wiper blade systems of different automaker brands and models. All Denso facilities are recognized and certified under QS9000 and ISO 9000. Also, Denso is a recipient of the Deming Award for quality back in 1961. Five decades of perfecting manufacturing expertise are one of the company’s traits that backs up their products. Denso Motor Products that features First Time Fit includes A/C Compressors, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, wiper blades, and more.

Denso wiper motors are built and tested to OE standards giving consumers worldwide the best replacement parts possible. All units of Denso windshield wiper motor are precisely built for exacting replacement so consumers will not worry about doing the same job twice.

Features of Denso Wiper Motor:

  • Crafted from premium materials
  • Designed to match rigorous quality standards of OE
  • High quality at a budget price
  • Designed to be small, more efficient, and produce low noise

Denso Official Website: https://www.denso.com/global/en/

Denso Heavy Duty Application / Wiper Motor: https://densoheavyduty.com/windshield-wiper

Denso Wiper System: http://www.denso.co.id/wipersystem.html

AM Equipment Wiper Motor

AM Equipment is a privately owned manufacturing company that was under Ted Powell’s name since 1975, established in 1953, and an ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2002. The company seats in a small town Jefferson, Oregon. AM equipment is a global wiper motor supplier and provider of different products for diverse industries; everything from mass-transit to robotics. The company is committed to developing and supporting superior motion control solutions with the lowest possible life-cycle cost.

AM equipment wiper motor is made for industrial purposes. Products they offer are meant and can be installed as original equipment, but also serve as top quality replacements for OEM RV and truck step-lift assemblies, window lifts, awning extensions, and other industrial and discrete applications.

Features of AM Equipment Wiper Motors:

  • Heavy load capacity
  • A wide selection of different wiper motors for different applications
  • US made two speed 240 wiper motor – consumers can freely choose from the 24v wiper motor or 12v wiper motor
  • Powerful torque provides a long service life
  • 212 series offers two park positions

AM Equipment Official Website: https://www.amequipment.com/

AM Equipment Wiper Motors / DC Gears: https://www.amequipment.com/dc-gear-motor-products

AM Equipment History / Company Profile: https://www.amequipment.com/about

TRICO Wiper Motor


TRICO today is a subsidiary of cooling system giant Stant, which is one of the leading manufacturers of windshield wiper blades, wiper systems, and refills, with a large portion of both the OEM products and aftermarket goods.

TRICO products offer a wide variety of conventional wiper solutions such as Trico wiper motor from 8NM to 40NM. Some of the company’s motor technologies are in the final stages of development and some are new motors that are ready to launch including smart motors, dual synchronous wiper motors, and advance directive drive.

Advantages of TRICO wiper motors:

  • Suiting for OEM application and aftermarket replacements
  • Features OE rigor and quality
  • Utilized by many vehicle manufacturers, professionals, and drivers from around the globe
  • Guarantees to be of help for TRICO wiper arms giving drivers a clearer view

TRICO EU Official Website: http://www.trico.eu./

TRICO Wiper Motor: http://www.trico.eu.com/OEM/AutomotiveSolutions/WiperMotors/OurWiperMotors

TRICO Products Website: https://www.tricoproducts.com

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