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Warranty Policy


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Warranty Policy

Our products come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. In the exceptional cases where they don’t, a 90 day limited warranty applies within which time you can request for a replacement of the defective part.

Our warranty only applies to workmanship defects and does not cover the following:

  • Damage arising from environmental conditions, such as adverse weather, natural calamities, and accidents
  • Damage as a result of incorrect installation and user mistakes such as misuse, improper repair, and modifications
  • Normal product wear and tear
  • Costs outside of the original sale value
  • Lost or stolen items. However, you can request us to help you file a claim against the shipping company if items got lost or damaged while on transit.

Our warranty is only valid if you you’re the original buyer and is not transferable. You will need to provide the original sales invoice as well as fill an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form.

Always check the particular product for the specific warranty duration and additional information regarding warranty validity

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