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Volkswagen Radiator Fan

SONTIAN is here with original equipment quality radiator fan replacements that are made using the highest quality materials available to express durability better than OE.

• perfect fitment for trouble-free product installation
• OE quality and performance output
• individually tested before shipment
• transit tested packaging used to protect products
• manufactured under strict quality requirements
• ISO 9001: TS 16949 Certified
• 100% brand-new – not remanufactured
• suiting for different driving lifestyles

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Volkswagen Radiator Fan Replacement

When on the road, the components under your hood tend to emit a large amount of heat. Using engine cooling system components such as your Volkswagen radiator fan, this heat is being lessened and keeps the engine from running properly and eliminating the risk of overheating. Volkswagen radiator fan or the radiator fan, in general, is segmented into 2 different types which are electric and mechanical. Single fan, dual fan, and universal radiator fan are the common designs of this equipment that are specifically made for different types of application may it be for trucks, SUVs, cars, or/and passenger vehicles.


Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Radiator Fan

One-Stop Aftermarket Shop

Established in Rui-An City in 1993 as a privately owned manufacturing company, SONTIAN Automotive is a brand that focuses on delivering high-end auto parts OE replacement at a low price. SONTIAN products offered include OE-like, ISO Certified radiator cooling fan, wiper motor, window regulator, starter motor, and much more. Dedicated to providing the best solutions for the automotive industry, SONTIAN pacts to produce only top-notch replacement using the best materials and tools available.


Solidly Constructed

Solid construction is then combined with precise engineering producing radiator fan replacement having identical features and specifications to your stock unit. Our Volkswagen radiator fans are tested and guaranteed to provide efficient engine cooling aid.


Global Pressence

In more than 20 years of existence in the aftermarket industry, SONTIAN has enjoyed constant growth bringing SONTIAN today as one of the largest and trusted sources of auto parts in China and many places abroad.


Large Volume Production

SONTIAN was able to establish a large, ISO 9000 Certified Facility, capable of mass-producing different auto parts that round to more than 8,000 units daily. That totals to over 3 million auto parts annually. SONTIAN also has its R&D to keep products updated on the latest trends and innovations available.


Get Our Radiator Fan Catalog Now!

Don’t hesitate to call us! If found yourself needing of Volkswagen Radiator Fan, SONTIAN auto parts are here ready to be sent out your way. Keep your engine cool in the best possible way at the best possible price. Contact us today.

SONTIAN Radiator Fan Manufacturer

In constructing different auto parts including our radiator fan replacement for Volkswagen vehicles, SONTIAN uses all new components to incorporate the full integrity of products we offer. That means aside from providing perfect OE fitment, our Volkswagen radiator fan also guarantees to deliver the performance the same or better than your stock unit. But due to low cost yet precise engineering, radiator fan price here at us is lower than most of the market competitors. Wide automaker brand coverage is also available alongside our VW radiator fan.


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