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Subaru Radiator Fan

SONTIAN also uses improved materials in every alternatives we offer so auto parts will deliver outstanding durability that will meet or exceed OE standards.

• direct OEM replacement
• same OE quality or better for less money
• installation the same as OE Subaru parts
• ISO 9001 Certified
• Manufactured from highest grade materials
• Durability that will last for many years

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Subaru Radiator Fan Replacement

Engine cooling system and its parts are main component of the vehicle and is responsible for cooling down the engine when operating. The engine produces heat when in use and might cause an overheating if having a failing engine cooling system.

Your Subaru Radiator Fan works hand in hand with the radiator in lessening the heat of engine keeping it under proper operational temperature. There are many types of radiator fan used in automotive industry. Among them are mechanical radiator fan, electric radiator fan, the single and dual fan, and the universal radiator fan. If having no knowledge on how to test Subaru radiator fan, it is better to have your engine cooling system inspected by a professional technician to provide and in-depth inspection for a possible radiator fan repair or replacement if required.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Radiator Fan

Global Radiator Fan Manufacturer

Leading China’s automotive aftermarket as a radiator fan manufacturer, SONTIAN delivers OE-Like products that covers more than 30 makes and thousands of vehicles under their brands. The company is a two decade industry expert manned by over 450 general employees and 80 engineers to maintain ISO Certified Radiator Fan replacement that will help every vehicle with the cooling problems.


Vehicle-Specific Design

Subaru Radiator Fan by SONTIAN is constructed in consideration with every single detail of the original Subaru parts. Thus, our radiator fan replacement offers fitment and looks that are identical to OE and guarantees to provide cooling effect and performance output the same as your brand-new Subaru Radiator Fan.


Custom Radiator Fan

Having all standard radiator fan for different applications such as car, passenger vehicles, trucks, SUVs and more, SONTIAN ensures to cater to the most specific demands of customers and partners. With that in mind, we equipped ourselves with the best manufacturing technology today. SONTIAN is capable of producing custom radiator fan catering personalized specifications needed and required by customers.


Global Distribution Network

The company also implements a fast delivery service with the help of our growing distribution network that is strategically placed from different sides of the globe. That means our products can be easily obtained and guarantees to deliver on-time and not a minute late.


Get Our Radiator Fan Catalog Now!

Having a not working Subaru radiator fan and in need of a new one? Don’t settle to those overly expensive replacements from random shops. SONTIAN brings you the best radiator fan for Subaru at a more affordable price than OE suppliers’. Call us now.

SONTIAN Radiator Fan Manufacturer

Having OE quality radiator fan replacement is not the end for us. We also made them at a rate everyone can enjoy. That means SONTIAN Subaru radiator fan and products under our radiator fan catalog are all of OE quality available at a fraction of OE price. Thus, you can now enjoy stock unit performance at ranges that will not even leave a hole in your pocket.


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