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SONTIAN Moved To A New Factory

SONTIAN moved to a new factory!

New development, new journey.

Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd. is expanding in scale, and the existing plant area can no longer meet the needs of future development. To solve this demand problem and better serve customers, SONTIAN has selected a better location. The new, larger, and brighter venues are being relocated.

SONTIAN will take this new move as a new starting point to further provide our customers with better products and services, and we would like to thank everyone for your constant attention and support!

In the coming days, SONTIAN will put all its efforts into production with more active service and submit a more satisfactory answer sheet to customers who trust us. Please stay tuned.


Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. It has always focused on continuous exploration and research in automotive motors, committed to technological innovation, and vigorously researched and developed various series of motor products. Satisfaction is the goal, and every product is made with heart.

To better meet customers’ needs and adapt to the vigorous development of the automotive market, SONTIAN has been committed to constantly innovating, improving itself, and developing various series of motor products.

Our philosophy: Customer-first Attitude, customer satisfaction as the standard.

Company Honor

Adhering to the concept of taking customer needs as the foundation and customer satisfaction as the goal, SONTIAN has been awarded “High-tech Enterprise”, “Advanced Foreign Trade Enterprise”, “Leading Industrial Enterprise in Ruian City”, “Provincial Enterprise Research Institute” and other awards. We have been recognized as a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise by Zhejiang Province, and have been rated as an advanced enterprise for “honoring contracts and keeping promises” for 12 consecutive years.

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


We Are Your Best Choice

Over the years, SONTIAN has devoted itself to research, and its sales performance has steadily climbed and hit new highs. It has emerged in automotive motors and has achieved rapid growth in sales performance and market reputation.

Whether it is the product quality, variety, price, or efficiency of auto parts, SONTIAN is your best choice.

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