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Member of Ruian CPPCC visited Sontian for research and guidance


On the morning of April 11, Chen Rongzhen, Vice Chairman of the Ruian CPPCC, and his delegation visited Sontian Company and conducted a comprehensive visit and investigation inside the company. The purpose of this investigation was to understand the current status of Sontian’s corporate development, the difficulties it faces, and its future plans, and to provide strong support and help for the company’s development. Dai Xuezhi, General Manager of Sontian Electric, warmly received them.


During the investigation, Vice Chairman Chen and his party personally went to the workshop to check the company’s production process and product quality. Afterwards, they came to the Sontian exhibition hall, where General Manager Dai introduced the company’s four classic products in detail: window lifts, air conditioning blowers, wipers, and radiator fans. He also introduced Sontian’s new product – EPS steering motor. Vice Chairman Chen and his party expressed the hope that Sontian could continue to play its own advantages, actively expand the market, and make greater contributions to the development of the local economy.

At the subsequent symposium, the city leaders asked the leaders of Sontian Company whether the company considered going public. Mr. Dai said that going public is an important milestone in the development of an enterprise, which can bring more financial support and market recognition to the enterprise, but at the same time, the enterprise also needs to look at it based on its own development situation.

Mr. Dai said that in the context of the overall economic downturn, although the company’s production and operation encountered some difficulties and challenges, it still maintained steady growth overall. At the same time, Mr. Dai said that if the company wants to develop better in the future, it must achieve high-quality development, low prices and low costs, that is, to achieve refined management.


Finally, the city leaders fully affirmed the achievements made by the company in its development and expressed that they will continue to support the company’s development. They hope that Sontian can continue to adhere to the development concept of innovation-driven and quality-oriented, continuously improve its core competitiveness, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of high-quality development.
This visit and investigation activity not only strengthened the connection and communication between the city leaders and the company, but also provided strong support and help for the development of the company. I believe that with the care and support of the municipal government, Sontian Company will surely realize the corporate vision of “creating the Sontian brand and striving to be a pioneer in the industry” as soon as possible!

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