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Sontian is ready! In the AutomechanikaShanghai (AMS)

AutomechanikaShanghai (AMS) kicked off yesterday at Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled.

The scene, as expected, is packed by many well-known brand enterprises, and also focused on a group of cutting-edge technology and technology applications, presenting an exquisite industry event for audiences from afar.

AutomechanikaShanghai (AMS) 2020

The global auto parts manufacturing industry has gone through unimaginable circumstances, yet still having an extraordinary year in 2020. As one of the few large-scale international automotive industry exhibition that can still be held under the epidemic this year, AMS has placed countless expectations on many industry professionals.

In response to the national economic development strategic plan, combined with the current situation of the exhibition’s resource advantages and the industry’s digital transformation, AMS2020 formulated the exhibition concept of “domestic and foreign dual cycle, online and offline integration”, which promotes better communication standards between exhibitors and customers which is expected to result in better and bigger opportunities in the future.

Sontian Respond The Call

As one of the largest automotive parts manufacturer in China, Sontian Motor is the first to respond to the call. The Sontian team welcomes the arrival of new and old customers from all over the world with the fullest spirit and best attitude, and actively adopts a combination of online and offline methods for comprehensive business matching to show Sontian auto motor solutions.

Online such as the use of multimedia equipment, construction of short video platforms, forms of live broadcast, etc, to show our auto motor solutions in wiper motors, window regulators, blower motors and radiator fans.

Service Our Customers With Whole New Way

Sontian Motor uphold the heart of craftsmanship, altruism, and dedication, and are committed to the service construction of the automotive after-sales market with a humble attitude. In the exhibition, as the top wiper motor manufacturer, window regulator manufacturer, blower motor manufacturer and radiator fan manufacturer, Sontian Motor introduced products professionally to customers. We do our best to achieve precise details and receive every customer with a goal of serving them with our best.

Ready to Face New Challenges

This year, Sontian Motor has completed a comprehensive upgrade of its corporate image. Based on its original style, it has injected the power of a fresh brand. With the commissioning of the new factory, SONTIAN is ready to face large numbers of new and old customers.

As an old Auto Parts Manufacturing Company that has been on the road since 1993, in today’s changing times, Sontian Motor shoulders the great responsibility of connecting yesterday and tomorrow. Moreover, Sontian is ready to face any challenges in auto parts manufacturing industry by keeping ourselves in good morals and equipped with industry knowledge and expertise. Today, we present to you a new and improved SONTIAN!

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