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Radiator Fan Replacement, Radiator Fan Replacement Cost

replacing radiator fan on a Hyundai Elantra
replacing radiator fan on a Hyundai Elantra
Resource: https://www.youtube.com

Taking care of your car’s engine means many things, one of them knowing how to replace at radiator fan. That’s because a failed cooling system could lead to engine damage. This section will go over how to change a radiator fan on your car without professional help. And if you choose not to, the amount you’re likely to spend at a repair shop.

There are many reasons to replace radiator fan assemblies. Common ones include a burned out or worn motor, or if both motor and blades are damaged. These are often caused by the motor overheating or when you have used the fan for a long time.

You may also want to install a new fan if the current one doesn’t meet the engine’s cooling requirements.That usually happens when you modify the engine or if the engine keeps overheating. In other words, the reason for replacement can be upgrade.

The steps below explain how to replace a radiator fan assembly.

How to Replace a Radiator Fan

Things Needed

Park the car on a flat ground and switch off the engine. Allow the engine to cool if you have been driving. This is to avoid injuries from hot surfaces. Ensure, too, that you disconnect the battery negative cable before commencing the replacement process.

radiator fan removal on a Toyota car
radiator fan removal on a Toyota car
Resource: https://www.youtube.com

Step 1 Radiator Fan Removal

Here is how to remove a radiator fan on most cars

  • Locate the fan. It’s normally mounted before or after the radiator.
  • Remove any components that may be obstructing your access to the fan assembly
  • Next, unplug the radiator fan connector
  • Using your tools, unbolt the fan assembly and pull it out
  • You are now ready to install the new fan

Step 2 Radiator Fan Installation

Here is how to install a radiator fan.

  • Place the new fan on the mounting surface, aligning the mounting holes
  • Insert the bolts and any other fastener to secure the fan assembly
  • Replace the fan’s connector
  • If you had earlier removed any components, replace them

Step 3 Test the New Fan

Follow these directions to complete the radiator fan replacement process.

  • Reconnect the battery cable
  • Start the engine and switch on the AC. The radiator fan should come on.
  • Check to see that the fan spins smoothly and comes on when needed. Ensure, also, that it doesn’t produce odd sounds when in operation

After the instructions detailing how to replace a radiator fan, next is a breakdown of costs if you involve an automotive technician.

the cost to replace fan in car varies across different car models
the cost to replace fan in car varies across different car models
Resource: https://www.jk-forum.com

How much does it Cost to Replace a Radiator Fan?

When you have a bad radiators fan, you can either have it changed at a repair facility or you can do it yourself. Below are estimates for the cost when you replace it yourself versus when a mechanic does it. Note that the amounts may be different depending on your geographical location.

Based on figures from many mechanics, the car cooling fan replacement cost ranges from $200 to $500. This price range includes the amount to obtain a new fan assembly and the cost to install it on your car. The labor charges here are calculated at $100 on average.

The cooling fan replacement cost depends on your type of car, of course, and the repair shop where you choose it done. Taking these factors into account, you can expect the amount to be slightly lower or on the higher side.

Many car owners are do-it-yourself motorists. If you’re one of them, you will only need between $100 and $400. This is the amount that you will spend on the new fan. Again, the radiator fan replacement cost depends on your type of car and model.


The cooling fan in your car is a critical part. When it goes bad, it’s important that you install a new one. Radiator fan replacement need not be expensive or difficult. You can easily get it done in minutes, inexpensively and without expert knowledge, using the procedure in this article. Knowing how to replace a radiator fan also ensures that you can take care of problems with the device early enough. That means a safer engine, in addition to reducing costs.

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