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Top Radiator Fan Manufacturers

Through years and years of product development, the automotive industry has experienced innovation that benefits both suppliers and consumers of automotive parts. One of the basic, yet critical parts of the vehicle is the radiator and its radiator fan. These components are mainly the reason why your engine’s temperature is maintained. Without a radiator fan or having a failing one, an overheating engine can be experience causing expensive repairs and mighty compromise the safety of everyone inside a vehicle with such. Radiator fan manufacturers produce this product using different materials to cater to different application requirements, vehicle types, and environmental factors. Symptoms such as overheating engines, blown fuse, and failing cooling fans can be experienced when having a bad radiator fan.

Radiator Fan Market Overview

The radiator fan is segmented to different kinds of applications and is common to be seen in the field installed in vehicle types such as passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and electric vehicles. Materials known to produce such components include steel, aluminum, and composite.

According to an article posted by the transparencymarketresearch.com, environmental concerns are one of the many factors on why radiator fan manufacturers emphasize the use of lightweight materials, which include aluminum and steel. These materials also benefit the overall quality of the radiator fan due to their natural resistance to heat, corrosion, and features that is durable. Having traditional radiator fan designs, the growth of aluminum radiator fans are witnessed to be increasing consistently.

Big contributing regions in the radiator fan global market include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, and Latin America. Though market competition seems fair, due to the increasing numbers of radiator fan manufacturers, ASIA Pacific is expected to dominate the automotive radiator fan market in terms of share and value.


Radiator Fan Manufacturers List:

SPAL Radiator Fan

Founded in 1959, SPAL automotive started operation in Italy by specializing in plastic molding design and production. Today, SPAL Automotive is a world leader and a recognized blower and electric radiator fan supplier for all types of vehicles and equipment.

SPAL radiator fan is the result of the company’s more 50 years of engineering experience. SPAL uses advanced modeling software and computer-assisted simulation systems to develop electric motors and blades that are certain to generate maximum performance output of pulling the air cleanly through the radiator core.

Unlike some manufacturers, SPAL controls all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing process from the design and tooling of injection molds to winding each SPAL electric radiator fan and motor. Facilities are also ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified.

Advantages of SPAL Radiator Fans:

  • Certified under ISO 9001 and TS 16949 facilities
  • Fitment to all vehicle types
  • Large volume output of over 3 million fans and blowers annually

SPAL Automotive USA Official Website: https://www.spalusa.com/

SPAL USA Company Profile: https://www.spalusa.com/

SPAL Fans and Fan Accessories: https://www.carid.com/radiator-fans.html


Valeo Radiator Fan


Valeo is a key radiator fan supplier for both the aftermarket and original equipment industry. Including in their product catalog is a comprehensive selection of superior parts for wide range system applications such as thermal, lighting, electrical, transmission, and wiper that are certain to provide unmatched reliability and exceptional performance. Valeo is amongst few companies that benefit from advanced technologies accumulated through a century of manufacturing experience and expertise.

Valeo radiator fan offers OE quality motor fans with high cooling efficiency perfect for different kinds of vehicles. Valeo radiator fan motors allow you to save money by keeping your engine free from overheating.

Features of Valeo Radiator Fan and motor:

  • Designed by and OE leading company in engine cooling
  • wide and continuously growing product range
  • Original quality products
  • Rich manufacturing experience and partner to many major cars makes
  • Quality control and performance tested in accordance with automakers’ standards
  • Natural heat and vibration resilient materials
  • Easy to obtain products

VALEO Official Website: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com

VALEO Cooling and Air Management Products: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com/passenger-car/cooling-air-management


DORMAN Radiator Fan


DORMAN is a well-known leader and a radiator fan supplier for the automotive aftermarket industry. The company is recognized through the OE-Fix products whereas Dorman fixes every OE flaw present to give customers products that are better than OE’s durability, performance, and longevity. The company’s deep history started in 1918 and has been constantly aftermarket problem-solvers up to date. Dorman product catalog includes over 80,000 products and grows yearly.

Dorman radiator fan assembly is available from conventional designs to Dorman’s OE-fix. OE-fix solution features a brushless radiator fan motor and more durable blades that are certain to extend the life service of the product even under intensive use. All Dorman radiator fans are precisely engineered to match the fit and performance of the original stock for different vehicle makes models, and years.

Advantages of Dorman Radiator Fan:

  • Ideal replacement due to perfect fitment it offers
  • Complete package – designed with the same materials as OE
  • Quality assurance through rigorous testing
  • Affordable

Dorman Official Website: https://www.dormanproducts.com/

Dorman Company Video Introduction: https://youtu.be/jzaq1lzm68w

Dorman Radiator Fan Assembly – OE-fix: https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-102759-621-526xd.aspx?origin=keyword

Dorman Radiator Fans: https://www.dormanproducts.com/c-568-radiator-fan-assemblies.aspx?pagenum=4


MOPAR Radiator Fan


When needing automotive parts and replacements for original equipment under the vehicle brands of Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, and Fiat, Mopar is amongst the trusted partners and radiator fan suppliers of the given vehicle make. The company has over 8 decades of experience in manufacturing different automotive components. Mopar products including Mopar radiator fans being utilized globally by many professional technicians, racers, and common weekend drivers for their repair and maintenance needs.

Mopar radiator fans are made to extend the service life of the vehicle engine where it is applied. Mopar radiator fans are specifically designed to maintain a high level of engine cooling efficiency and performance, giving consumers safer and more comfortable driving.

Product Features:

  • Carefully crafted using premium materials
  • Excellent corrosion and wear resistance
  • Superior functionality and perfect fitment
  • Built to last

MOPAR Official Website: https://www.mopar.com/en-us.html

ALLMOPARPARTS Cooling Fan: https://www.allmoparparts.com/part/cooling-fan.html


Spectra Premium Radiator Fan

Spectra Premium is located in Quebec, Canada. The brand is a privately help manufacturing and distribution organization operated by Jacques Mombleau. Spectra Premium is one of the industry leaders in the development and provision of automotive products for OEM and aftermarket businesses. The company is known as a premier radiator fan supplier and source of top-notch fuel and other cooling system components.

Spectra Premium radiator fan also called the cooling fan assembly is engineered, developed, and validated to meet original equipment requirements. This was also necessary to ensure a durable and quality product. Radiator fan by Spectra Premium shows low noise abatement due to vibration resistant components for a quiet environment and driving.

Spectra Premium Radiator Fan Features:

  • Manufactured with premium quality components for effective noise reduction
  • OE-style connector for easy installation
  • Surpass OE specifications with 4 layer protection against over-voltage, over-loading, short circuit, and extreme temperature
  • Performance and heat resistance tested before shipment
  • Fit, form, and function identical to that of OE

Spectra Premium Cooling Fan Assembly: https://www.spectrapremium.com/en/aftermarket/north-america/cooling-fan-assembly

Spectra Premium Official Website: https://www.spectrapremium.com/en

Spectra Premium OEM Automotive Products: https://www.spectrapremium.com/en/oem/automotive

TYC Radiator Fan

TYC in of the leading American companies that deliver a wide selection of technologically advanced automotive components for the global automotive industry. Competing to large manufacturing names, TYC ensures to adapt using its four main principles – integrity, teamwork, innovation, and speed. These four are also the keys to the company’s constant growth. Aside from being a radiator fan supplier, products including lamps, condensers, evaporators, radiators, starters, and alternators, and many more can be seen in their catalog.

TYC radiator fan assembly features a complete, drop-in replacement that allows customers to easily apply the product. TYC cooling fans are used and suited for the most popular vehicle makes and models from different production years.

TYC Radiator Fan features and advantages:

  • OE quality replacement at an affordable price
  • Direct OE replacement
  • Installs the same as the factory unit
  • Same dimensions of OE
  • Identical gauge material
  • Easy installation that eliminates the need for modification

TYC Official Website: http://www.tyc.com.tw/index.php

TYC Cooling Fan / Radiator Product Category: http://www.tyc.com.tw/index.php/products/category/3

TYC Company Profile: http://www.tyc.com.tw/index.php/about


Hayden Automotive is a manufacturing brand that is part of Four Seasons Division/Standard Motor Products Inc. Hayden serves as a key radiator fan supplier for the global market. The company produces automotive, truck, and performance cooling parts. For over 5 decades, Hayden Automotive parts are widely utilized to protect the engines of many streetcars, off-road trucks, and performance vehicles.

Hayden Radiator fans are made by their employed engineers to offer a wide range of products for different applications. Cooling Products including fan clutches, electric fans, performance oil, and transmission can also be seen in the company’s catalog.

Features and Advantages of Hayden Radiator Fans:

  • Long-life motors
  • Complete mounting hardware for faster, much easier production installation
  • Wide coverage
  • Tested to provide increased airflow across the radiator

Hayden Product Brochure: https://www.haydenauto.com/media/5477/electric-fan-brochure_4-page_final.pdf

Hayden Automotive Official Website: https://www.haydenauto.com/en

Hayden Electric Fans/Cooling Fans: https://www.haydenauto.com/en/products/electric-fans/overview/overview

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