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Mitsubishi Window Regulator

Mitsubishi window regulator by SONTIAN has the same features that an OE Mitsubishi part has. We use better materials construction for durability that will surpass the OEM in your car. With this, you can expect life expectancy that is longer than your stock unit. 

  • Serves as a direct replacement for OEM parts
  • Ideal solution compared to repaired parts and refurbished parts in the market
  • Manufactured in compliance to ISO quality standards
  • Life expectancy better than OEM and most competitors in the aftermarket
  • Tested under real operational simulation for reliable performance
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Mitsubishi Window Regulator Replacement

Mitsubishi window regulator can be found on the internals of your door panel. These component carries the window glass the hold them in place. It is also as good as it name suggest. Window regulators in general regulates the window allowing them to move up or down, raise and lower.

In the automotive scene, there are two types of window regulator given. The manual window regulator that uses hand crank to move the window up and down and the power window regulator. Power regulator has a switch or button that is usually placed on the arm rest. An electric motor is integrated with the switching mechanism that is responsible for lowering or raising the window.

Just like other auto parts, window regulator will eventually fail due to operational stress. Symptoms of a bad window regulator include wrong window parking, window not responding to hand crank or switch input, or/and not moving at all.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

SONTIAN is a privately own manufacturing company that is headquartered in Rui-An City. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing, marketing different automotive parts which is where the Mitsubishi window regulator is included. The company has 7 conveyor product line on which we process our units with ease and precisely.


Vehicle-Specific Units

Mitsubishi window regulator by SONTIAN offers diverse compatibility. That means the alternative that we create is fitted to almost every model under the Mitsubishi brand. They also have specifications the same as your Mitsubishi parts.


Massive Facility

SONTIAN is manned by over 450 professionals that take responsibility for handling every bit of product processes inside our 28,000 square meter facility. With this, SONTIAN aftermarkets are uncompromised even we are producing them in large numbers daily.


Large Volume Production

With the rising demand of aftermarkets, we at SONTIAN ensures to adapt to every changes there is. Our manufacturing facility is capable of producing large numbers of different automotive components per day that numbers to over 8,000 parts per day and an annual production output of more than 3,000 parts per year.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

Don’t stress out on having a bad window regulator. SONTIAN aftermarkets are here to solve your problems. The company has been a leading window regulator manufacturer for over two decades and serves many OEM names in the market including Mitsubishi parts. Call us today!

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

SONTIAN aftermarkets are widely known in the aftermarket business not only because of OE-like quality it brings but also because of their competitive price. Our products are made using high-tech manufacturing equipment allowing us to precisely produce each unit at a low cost. Thus, we made our products available at a price lower than your usual OEM supplier.


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