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Mini Window Regulator

Designed with the utmost care and attention to every detail, SONTIAN Mini window regulators ensure outstanding reliability and are certain to provide many years of trouble-free service. 

  • OE-like specs for an affordable price
  • direct replacement
  • light-weight for easy mini window regulator removal or installation
  • installs the same as factory unit – no vehicle modification requirement
  • stronger plastic compound (if applicable) for maximum durability
  • quality tested and evaluated by SONTIAN professionals before transported
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Mini Window Regulator Replacement

Mini Window Regulator is a mechanical assembly placed, commonly in each door panel of your vehicle that moves the window up and down. The window glass is being adjusted with the help of a hand crank or switch. Mini Window Regulator can vary into two different types which are the manual window regulator and the power window regulator.

Your Mini Cooper Window Regulator motor can be in bad shape when experience symptoms such as wrong window parking, unresponsive windows from switch or crank input, or/and slower or faster window adjustment than usual.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

SONTIAN is one of the most trusted manufacturers of vehicle-specific window regulators that caters to over 30 makes and thousands of vehicles hitting the road today. The company’s products also include varieties of the wiper motor, blower motor, radiator cooling fan, and much more. SONTIAN houses 8,000 different units per day inside the company’s 28,000 square meter facility in Rui-An City.


Vehicle-Specific Units

SONTIAN is here with a Mini window regulator replacement that offers the same fit, form, and function as your OE Mini parts. Our Mini window regulators are made from high-strength materials to meet or exceed the strictest standards of high quality ever established.


One-Stop Shop

We eliminate the need of you needing to purchase different auto parts from the different stores due to the wide application compatibility of our products. Also, product transport expenses are lessened and faster due to our partnership with many distributors located word-wide.


Large Volume Production

SONTIAN is capable of mass-producing different auto parts that numbers to more than 8,000 per day that totals to over 3 million annual production output. With that, we are one of the top choices by many local and foreign-based aftermarket business.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

Get the best deals on Mini Cooper Window Regulator here at SONTIAN. Experience the benefits you can get from original equipment at a more reasonable price compared to many OEM dealers’. For purchasing assistance, our customer service experts are waiting on the other line. Just dial the number on the page or message us on our email.

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

Window Regulators are expected to last together with the lifespan of the vehicle. But due to age and other causes of failure, window regulators can wear over time. That is why SONTIAN creates Mini Window regulator replacement with more durable and improved materials to offer longevity that will surpass that of OEM. Also, we designed them to have OEM fitment so you can install them as soon as received without the need of special tooling or any sort of modification. Mini window regulator price is not an issue as well. Here at SONTIAN, we market our products at just a fraction of the OE price.


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