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Mercury Window Regulator

Window system might not be as important as your engine parts. But it certainly provides additional safety for all passengers and interiors of your vehicle. SONTIAN has made an alternative that meets or even exceeds the specification and overall integrity of OE Mercury parts. It guarantees to fit the first time all the time.

  • OEM direct replacement
  • Better alternative than remanufactured parts
  • Offers the same performance you expect from Mercury parts
  • Complete replacement
  • Tested before shipment
  • ISO certified
  • Manufactured using high strength materials
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Mercury Window Regulator Replacement

The mechanism that moves your glass window upward and downward is what we call the window regulator. Window regulator function also includes hold the window in place. There are two types of window regulators. Manual window regulators and the power window regulator.

Manual window regulator is installed commonly in older model vehicles that uses hand crank to adjust the window’s height. Power window regulator on the other hand uses switch or a button. The window regulator in general doesn’t need any maintenance, repairs, or any adjustments. When the component fails, the next thing you need to do is to look for window regulator replacement.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

SONTIAN is manufacturing brand that leads the aftermarket industry in products such as window regulator for over two decades. We amongst the top window regulator manufacturer in all of China and many neighboring countries.


Problem Solver

The company is a premier problem solver that is trusted by many aftermarket businesses, professional, weekend drivers, and car owners. We manufacture thousands of different parts everyday making us one of the biggest source of automotive aftermarkets in China and to many countries around the world.


Diverse Product Portfolio

SONTIAN has been on the industry for over two decades giving solutions to all known automotive problems with regard to auto parts such as electric window regulator, wiper motor, starter motor, radiator cooling fan, and so on.


In-house R&D

SONTIAN has its very own R & D department making every product updated to the latest innovations available. This ensure partners and future consumers to get nothing but the best possible replacements for their vehicle parts.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

Enjoy lasting window system aid brought by SONTIAN produced Mercury window regulator. Worry not for failing window system component. This product is manufactured to be the last window regulator replacement you will need. Contact us today and acquire the best deals of window regulators here at SONTIAN.

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

SONTIAN is here with affordable and reliable window regulators for your Mercury window system. They are designed to incorporate every features you can see on your original equipment. From fitment to functionality, they are expected to be on par if not, better. SONTIAN also offers window regulator replacement for other vehicle makes. Our products cover different automotive brands that numbers to over 30 makers. This include big names such as Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, BMW, and much more. Our window regulator catalog will give you the benefit of freely locating the parts you need and obtaining it at a price lower that your usual OEM supplier.


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