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Mazda Window Regulator

While having identical specification, we incorporate materials that surpasses that of OE to bring alternative better than the original. 

  • Rigorously tested in a real-life simulation
  • Immediate application capable – will serve you for long years
  • Direct replacement to your aged and worn-out window system component
  • Offers complete window regulator assembly replacement
  • Backed by the company’s one of a kind warranty policy
  • ISO certified
  • Affordable OE quality
  • Made to be the last window regulator replacement you will need
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Mazda Window Regulator Replacement

Mazda window regulators may not be as important as your under chassis parts but it is certain to protect you from outdoor elements and keeps your interiors such as seats and seat covers in their perfect condition. Window regulators in general are used to hold and regulate glass windows. It is located inside the door panel. Power window regulators and manual window regulators are the two types of window regulators used in different applications and vehicles of all types.

Window regulators do not need maintenance. Thus, when it fails, replacement is the next thing you need. Before purchasing, if not having enough knowledge of what to get, ask the advice of your trusted technician. To know when to replace window regulators, some of the warnings signs are noticeable such as slow window operation, wrong window parking place, hard to adjust window, and the likes.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

Founded in 1993, SONTIAN is a brand that focuses on the automotive parts business. By creating aftermarkets of different car components, SONTIAN has served thousands of technicians, car owners, weekend drivers, and aftermarket businesses from both locally and abroad. The company is recognized as a top source of auto parts like window regulators, blower motor, starter motor, radiator cooling fan, and wiper motor.


Affordable OE-like Units

SONTIAN Mazda window regulator is your best way to go if you are a car owner looking for the highest quality replacement that offers unparalleled durability, performance, and window system aid reliability. We create our solutions considering every feature of OE Mazda parts.


Mass Production

SONTIAN is a manufacturer that is capable of producing auto parts of ever thousands per day. We have a record of 3 million unit outputs per annum. This has placed us a top source and leading window regulator in all of China and to different regions across the world.


Diverse Product Selection

Aside from window regulator replacement, SONTIAN aftermarkets are segmented into different types of auto parts such as blower motor, starter motor, radiator cooling fan, and so on. Products are strictly manufactured inside our certified facility without any third-party involved. This is beneficial by maintaining the best quality that conforms to the stringent company standards.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

For Mazda parts and accessories, SONTIAN products offer seamless replacements that will back the beauty of your ride. For reliable performing product, dial our number and connect with us. Our customer support team is up and ready to serve you.

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

What separates us from the rest? Here at SONTIAN, every unit receives the same amount of care and craftsmanship. Our production is backed with an ISO quality system ensuring consistent output. All products are compliant and are certified under ISO 9001: TS 16949. From choosing materials to tools used in production, rest assured to get the best out of your pocket with OE quality Mazda window regulators here at SONTIAN.


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