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Mack Window Regulator

With materials that top OE parts, our Mack window regulator’s life expectancy is certain to surpass that of your vehicle’s factory parts.

  • Complete replacement needs
  • Strengthened packaging keeping the product safe from damages when shipped
  • Built to last
  • ISO 9001; TS 16949 certified
  • Manufactured to be a direct, equal replacement of Mack parts
  • 100% tested component
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Mack Window Regulator Replacement

Located inside your vehicle’s door panels, Mack window regulators are a mechanism that creates a force to move your windows in an upward or downward motion. Window regulator function is to also hold the window glass in place keeping it from making unnecessary movement that can cause window system damage.

Two types of window regulators are utilized in the automotive industry. Manual window regulators and the power window regulators or the automatic window regulators. Manual window regulators have this hand crank that is being rotated to adjust the height of the window. In a power window regulator, the whole assembly is assisted by a switch or a button and can normally be seen in modern cars.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

SONTIAN automotive is a manufacturing brand that focuses on developing, marketing, and manufacturing different auto parts such as window regulators, wiper motor, blower motor, and much more. The company has a rich two decades of field experience making us one of the largest sources of aftermarkets in China and other countries from different sides of the globe.



Mack Window regulator by SONTIAN is manufactured into the likeness of its original equipment. Fit, form, and function are guaranteed to be identical. Performance and window system aid is expected to be on par or better as well.


Massive Facility

SONTIAN is manned by over 450 professionals that take responsibility for handling every bit of product processes inside our 28,000 square meter facility. With this, SONTIAN aftermarkets are uncompromised even we are producing them in large numbers daily.


Fast Delivery Service

Fast delivery service and safe product transport are what we offer alongside our OE quality aftermarkets. Our fast-growing distribution networks are globally available to make sure you can access our product line easily. It will also give you the benefit of much faster product delivery.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

When it comes to window regulator replacement, SONTIAN aftermarkets will not disappoint you. Mack window regulators by SONTIAN are made available at a low price range so you are certain to get your window system fix in no time. Call us now to get this product. Dial our hotline and be connected to our customer service team. You can also message us directly on our email.

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

Here at SONTIAN, we give you everything all at once. From quality and functionality to durability and performance dependability, our Mack window regulator is sure to be of service for your window system just like your OE Mack parts would.

Also, our product line is not limited to just window regulators. SONTIAN aftermarkets are also available in auto parts such as wiper motor, blower motor, starter motor, and radiator cooling fan. With an annual production output of 3 million units, SONTIAN is a great partner for those aftermarket businesses that require varieties and large volume production of automotive components.

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