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Land Rover Window Regulator

We make them with better materials thus, making it more durable and lasting compared to your stock unit. 

  • 100% tested to OEM specifications
  • Fit, form, and fitment the same as your Land Rover parts
  • Tested to ensure proper window system aid at all times
  • Designed to bring the comfortable operation
  • High-quality window regulator replacement, yet affordable
  • Exactly fits your car for ease of installation and faster time
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Land Rover Window Regulator Replacement

What does a window regulator do?

A window regulator is a mechanical assembly seated in the internals of your door panel. Depending on the vehicle application, the window regulator can be segmented into two different types which are the manual window regulator and power window regulator.

Manual window regulators are present in almost every classic or vintage vehicles. As we can all remember, classic cars are equipped with this hand crank that needs to be rotated in order to provide window adjustment. Power window regulator on the other hand is found in modern cars powered by a motor that is assisted with a switch. Due to the installation location, window regulators does not require any maintenance or repairs, when it fails it fails. Thus, replacement is necessary.

Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Window Regulator

Window Regulator Manufacturer​

SONTIAN is a globally recognized window regulator manufacturer. We have started as a privately owned company established back in 1993. The company is known in providing OE comparable units at a low price.


Vehicle-Specific Units

When having trouble with your window system component, SONTIAN aftermarkets are always ready to be of help. If you are a car owner that wants flawless replacements for your worm out Land Rover parts, our window regulator is the best way to go. The vehicle-specific design allows our product to mirror every innovation of Land Rover window regulator OE


Custom Window Regulator

Alongside our conventional or traditional product line, SONTIAN aftermarkets also offer custom window regulator solutions. This has been a trend for us and our partners globally. Customized products enable our consumers to get exactly what they need, from materials and construction to fitment and looks, SONTIAN will surely bring to life what you desire the most.


Industry Leading

The company has grown into one of the biggest companies with over 450 general employees and 80 engineers employed. SONTIAN also has our own Research and Development department, which means we are always up to date when it comes to development and innovations.


Get Our Window Regulator Catalog Now!

Explore our comprehensive product line if you need more than a Land Rover window regulator. Our catalog is comprised of different reliable components that cover 30 automaker names. Dial the number provided and be assisted by our customer support team.

SONTIAN Window Regulator Manufacturer

SONTIAN Land Rover window regulators and other products in our window regulator catalog are made available at a highly competitive price. This means that our price and rates are expected to be lower than the usual OEM supplier. But don’t worry, everything you are expecting to get from original equipment is available on every product we offer. The difference is we do them better. All automotive parts we offer are made from 100% brand-new materials emphasizing longevity, functionality, and performance.


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