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Infiniti Radiator Fan

Does your Infiniti QX60 radiator fan create unnecessary noise when you are driving? Does your Infiniti gauge read in constant high-temperature? If radiator fan replacement is what you need, SONTIAN products will be your best partner.

• Direct OEM replacement
• OE quality for less money
• incorporates OE Infiniti part’s fitment, looks, and performance
• installation procedure the same as your stock unit
• high heat resistance for crack-less unit
• ISO Certified
• 100% tested before shipment

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Infiniti Radiator Fan Replacement

Infiniti Radiator Fan is one of the important parts of the engine cooling system. It can either be a mechanical radiator fan or the electric radiator fan. Infiniti Radiator Fan function is to abate the heat of the coolant that will keep the engine running at a constant temperature which away from overheating. The fan speed is controlled by a switch or the resistor depending on the required amount of airflow by the operation.


Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Radiator Fan

Global Radiator Fan Manufacturer

Since 1993, SONTIAN has been providing top-notch automotive parts aftermarket including radiator fan, starter motor, wiper motor, window regulator, and more. Our facility in Rui-An City houses over 8,000 newly produced products per day. That makes us one of the biggest providers and radiator fan manufacturers in China and other neighboring countries.


Fast Phase Production

SONTIAN uses 7 Conveyor that is capable of producing auto parts which include our Infiniti Radiator fan at a fast phase. This production is supported by SONTIAN’s professionals keeping every unit compliant to the ISO quality system and SONTIAN highest standards. So, regardless of production volume, our products are certain to be in their top-condition and uncompromised.


Wide Selection of Aftermarkets

SONTIAN has created a wide selection of radiator fans for Infiniti that virtually covers all vehicles under the brand. That means our Infiniti Radiator Fan Catalog ensures to have what you need at a price that will not break your bank. All radiator fans from SONTIAN are carefully assembled providing perfect fitment and ready-to-apply product as soon as received.


One-Stop Shop

Alongside with our radiator fan selections, SONTIAN also has the largest catalog of wiper motors, window regulators, starter motors, and more. With these, you are certain to acquire the best parts.


Get Our Radiator Fan Catalog Now!

Troubled by your Infiniti G35 Radiator fan? Needing of radiator fan replacement for your Infiniti ride? Worry not. SONTIAN is here with the best replacement you will need. Get the best deals on radiator fan by dialing the number on the page or message us on our email. Here at SONTIAN, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

SONTIAN Radiator Fan Manufacturer

Here at SONTIAN, we make sure the quality of our products lives up to its OEM counterpart’s name while making them available at a much lower price. That means you are certain to acquire an Infiniti Radiator Fan replacement that has an exacting function as your stock unit at an affordable price. Who can say no to that? Also, all products by SONTIAN ensures to be received in their pristine condition using enhance product packaging that will keep factory-like intact.


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