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SONTIAN Motor Honored with “Ruian City Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise”

During the 2023 Ruian City Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise initiative, SONTIAN Motor was evaluated and deemed to meet the criteria for this honor. Zhejiang SONTIAN Automotive Motor System Co., Ltd. received the “Ruian City Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise” title, affirming our long-standing commitment and efforts.

Receiving this title signifies SONTIAN’s remarkable achievements in safety management. We will seize this opportunity to further enhance our safety management system, implement various safety measures, and ensure the safety and stability of our production and business activities, thereby providing a solid foundation for sustainable corporate development.

We will continue to strengthen safety training and education for our employees, heighten their safety awareness and sense of responsibility, and promote full employee participation in safety management to foster a positive safety culture. Additionally, we will actively advocate and promote safety production concepts, engage in exchanges and cooperation with related enterprises, and jointly enhance industry safety standards.

In summary, this honor is a significant encouragement for SONTIAN’s safety management efforts and a strong testament to our responsible and integrity-driven operations. We will continue with greater enthusiasm and more robust measures to elevate our safety management standards, creating a safer work environment for our employees.

We will also consistently uphold the philosophy of “safety promotes production, production must be safe,” adhere to safety principles, and strive to achieve the goals of “zero accidents, zero casualties,” contributing to a safe, harmonious, and beautiful society.

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