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SONTIAN Wishes Everyone a Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

June brings the scent of summer and the fragrance of rice dumplings wrapped in leaves as the Dragon Boat Festival quietly arrives. On this festive occasion, to promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and enrich the cultural life of our employees, SONTIAN has specially prepared Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes for every employee. These gifts not only bring the warmth of the festival but also allow everyone to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

The joy was evident as everyone received their Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes filled with blessings.

The Dragon Boat Festival benefits highlight the happiness and warmth of the SONTIAN family, bringing hope and motivation to every employee. Each gift carries the beautiful wish for well-being during the Dragon Boat Festival, and each smiling face is the best praise for the company’s welfare.

Employees have always been SONTIAN ‘s most valuable asset. Their hard work and tireless efforts provide solid support for the company’s growth and success.

On this Dragon Boat Festival, SONTIAN extends its sincerest blessings to all employees and partners: May you have a peaceful and healthy Dragon Boat Festival, a happy family, and a successful career!

We also look forward to marching forward with all our employees, united in purpose, striving together to achieve the goal of “Creating the Matsuda Brand, Leading the Industry,” and creating an even more brilliant future together!

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