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GMC Blower Motor

WUtilizing advance tools and equipment in construction, SONTIAN GMC blower motor is certain to meet or exceed highest quality standards

  • Perfect fitment
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • 100% brand new materials incorporated
  • Durability that is certain to last for many years
  • Manufactured inside ISO 9000 certified facility
  • ISO certified product
  • Custom blower motor capable
Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Blower Motor

Blower Motor Manufacturer

Founded in 1993, SONTIAN has been serving the industry of automotive aftermarkets with reliable and dependable auto parts.  Auto parts in the company’s portfolio include blower motor, window regulator, wiper motor, and many more.

OE Specified Aftermarkets

All units are manufactured in accordance to the specification of OE GMC parts. Fit, form, and function of the stock unit is acquired through precise engineering offering performance in the likeness of your stock unit.

Wide Application Coverage

All products offer wide coverage of different types of vehicles, brands and makes, and year of production. With these parts, partners from all over the globe has been enjoying OE like quality of aftermarkets at a reasonable price.

Large Manufacturing Facilities

SONTIAN is headquartered inside a 28,000 square meters facility manned with 450 general employees and 80 engineers. Our company is equipped with our private Research and Development Department responsible for all innovations and upgrades of our products. We are also capable of producing large number of units per day that numbers to more than 8,000 parts. 

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO/TS 16949 Certification Manufacturer


GMC Blower Motor Replacement

GMC Blower motor is a fan like component located inside your vehicle’s dashboard. Blower motor function is to supply low or high current airflow inside the vehicle. GMC Blower motor can provide either hot air when heater core is running or cooled air when air-conditioning is used. The blower motor resistor on the other hand receives the signal from the blower motor on whether low or high current is supplied depending on the speed of the fan. 

Just like other auto parts, blower is subjected and is certain to fail overtime. As the blower motor takes outside air to supply vehicle interiors, no airflow is expected to experience when having a bad blower motor. When replacement is what inspection requires.

SONTIAN Blower Motor Manufacturer

Alongside our GMC blower motor, our catalog covers many makes including industry giants such as BMW, Chrysler, Cadillac, Dodge, Mercedes Benz, and others of the like. We have blower motor for different applications like cars, SUVs, trucks, and many more. Here at SONTIAN, you are guaranteed to purchase OE quality alternatives at a more reasonable price compared to original equipment dealers’ price.

Certification and Global Support

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


Case Study
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Enjoy lasting A/C system aid with SONTIAN GMC blower motor and never worry again with your cabin’s temperature control. Get the best deals of alternatives here at us. Reach us through the customer hotline provided on the page. Call us today and get free quote of your order.

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