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Forever Young, Endless Joy | A Feast of Happiness and Growth!

In the midst of our busy work schedules, do we still remember that sense of innocence and joy? To bring more care and warmth to our employees and their families, SONTIAN Motor hosted a special Children’s Day celebration. The event aimed to create a joyful and harmonious festival atmosphere for our employees’ children, allowing them to feel the company’s care and support in their happiness.

Caring for Growth, Spreading Warmth

For this Children’s Day, SONTIAN prepared a wealth of gifts and prizes for the children, ensuring they experienced joy during the festival.

In addition to the abundant gifts, we extended our heartfelt blessings, took photos for parents and children, and brought our employees closer to their kids. Throughout the event, we noticed many children beaming with smiles, and their happiness became our greatest motivation.

Reflecting on Experience, Looking to the Future

This Children’s Day celebration not only provided our employees’ children with a delightful holiday but also deepened our understanding of the importance of caring for employees and their families. Moving forward, Matsuda will continue to strive to create a more harmonious and warm working environment, writing a beautiful future together.

Furthermore, SONTIAN will uphold this spirit by organizing more meaningful activities, bringing more joy and warmth to our employees and their families.

SONTIAN adheres to the philosophy of “Ten years to grow a tree, a hundred years to cultivate a person,” embracing the core socialist values of “Responsibility, Dedication, Harmony, and Love.” We have specially established the “Future Elite Training Program.” Any SONTIAN employee’s child who is admitted to a key high school or a 985/211 university can apply to the company for a scholarship to support their growth journey. We welcome more talented individuals to join SONTIAN!

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