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Ford Blower Motor

When blower motor replacement is required, SONTIAN is here with OE quality Ford blower motors. Our blower motor replacement offers identical features as your Ford parts. 

  • Premium parts incorporated
  • Designed to keep your heating and air-conditioning system in top shape at all time
  • The finest quality at an affordable price
  • Built to provide lasting service
  • ISO 9001: TS 16949 Certified
  • OE quality
  • Tested under rigorous real-world simulation
  • Durability that will surpass OE Ford parts
Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Blower Motor

Blower Motor Manufacturer

Founded in 1993, SONTIAN is a leading blower motor manufacturer in China. Our products are widely utilized in mainland and different countries for different vehicle applications. With over two decades of manufacturing expertise, you can be sure to receive second to none quality aftermarkets here at us


Vehicle-Specific Design

Fitment, looks, and functions are the same that means performance is expected if not the same, better than original equipment. All products are ISO certified and compliant with the highest quality standards established.

Well Equipped Facility

We have our own Research and Development team manned by over 80 industry-leading engineers to keep every product updated to innovations. SONTIAN has 7 conveyor product line capable of mass-producing different auto parts in a flash. 

Large Volume Production

Adapting to the rising demand of the automotive scene for the blower motor and other components, we at SONTIAN ensures to produce enough amount of components to cater to our partners’ and consumers’ demand.Our daily output numbers to over 8,000 units that calculate over 3 million parts per year. With this, we can cater to large projects of both local consumers and abroad.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO/TS 16949 Certification Manufacturer


Ford Blower Motor In SONTIAN

Ford Blower Motor Replacement

Ford blower motor is a component of your vehicle heating and air-conditioning system. Blower motors in general are the fan the pushes heated air when running the heater and cooled air when running the air-conditioning system through the dashboard vents based on temperature requirements or desired. When operating and adjusting the desired temperature, the fan speed sends a signal through the resistor to the blower motor. The blower motor resistor adjusts the current volume going in the blower motor which is based on the fan speed. 

A bad blower motor will deliberately function the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do. When that happens and you highly suspect and observed that blower motor problems start to occur, let your technician provide an in-depth inspection.


SONTIAN Blower Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN aftermarkets are being utilized and preferred by many professionals, car owners, weekend drivers, and performance enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Products such as our produced Ford blower motor and other components under the SONTIAN blower motor catalog are being exported to different regions of the globe. They are not only known for OE quality but also because we made them available at a competitive price and rates that are lower than the factory unit dealers’.

Certification and Global Support

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


Case Study
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Get the best blower motor for Ford at an affordable price here at SONTIAN and stop your worry about a bad blower motor. Contact us through our hotline or you can directly message us on our email. Call now.

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