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Dodge Blower Motor

Want your Dodge’s A/C system in its top shape? Replace your worn-out component with SONTIAN blower motors. Our made Dodge blower motor offers premium quality that can outstand any OEM parts.

  • Designed to deliver a quality replacement for aged, worn-out, or damaged Dodge parts
  • Crafted from high strength materials for durability that will last 
  • Engineered to provide excellent temperature control
  • Tested into strict series of evaluation before shipment
  • ISO certified product
  • Custom blower motor capable
  • Offers excellent resistance to common causes of failure
Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Blower Motor

Blower Motor Manufacturer

Headquartered in Rui-An City, SONTIAN automotive is a private manufacturing brand. The company markets manufacture and distribute aftermarket blower motor and other auto parts for different cars, SUVs, trucks, and other given applications. 

OE Identical Replacements

Products are created using premium quality materials and features solid construction making them a dependable replacement. The Dodge Blower Motor has the fitment and looks of your OE Dodge parts and is expected to perform on par as well. 

Trusted Aftermarket Supplier

Products in our portfolio include the blower motor, starter motor, wiper motor, and much more. SONTIAN has been on the aftermarket scene for two decades and has been setting high standards for the products we offer. Today, we are one of the most trusted blower motor manufacturers in all of China and other neighboring countries. 

World Wide Presence

SONTIAN implements strict product inventory monitoring to keep all units displayed or advertised on our online store is available all the time. Fast product transport is offered as well due to our distributing networks that are strategically placed into different countries. When it comes to safety, we use only heavy-duty packaging for your purchases enabling factory-conditioned units are received. 

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO/TS 16949 Certification Manufacturer


Dodge Blower Motor In SONTIAN

Dodge Blower Motor Replacement

Dodge blower motor is one of few components that contributes to the overall comfortability of driver and passenger. It allows the airflow to freely distribute on the cabin depending on what you want. It can push hot air when you operate your vehicle’s heating core and cooled air when the air-conditioning is on. The dodge blower motor resistor is the recipient of signal whether the low or great amount of air current needs to be supplied. The blower motor in general takes the outside air then regulates it depending on the desired temperature. Thus, when your Dodge blower motor is not working, no airflow can be experienced. Also, a noise component is expected when in operation.

SONTIAN Blower Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN began distributing reliable aftermarkets for the automotive industry in 1993. With over two decades of manufacturing expertise, we can exactly replicate OEM parts’ features while combining them with better materials and production processes. That means our Dodge blower motor replacement is better in every way. All units are specified from looks to dimension delivering fitment without requiring any vehicle modification. Our blower motor ensures to fit the first time, every time. Also, low-cost production enables us to market them at a highly competitive price and is lower than the usual dealer’s price. 

Certification and Global Support

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


Case Study
Get Our Blower Motor Catalog Now!

Dodge blower motor by SONTIAN offers ISO certified quality and is created under the umbrella of an ISO certified facility. Get the performance you expect from the OE Dodge blower motor at a more affordable price. Dial the number provided on the page or message us on our email.

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