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Chevrolet Blower Motor

SONTIAN Chevrolet blower motor is specifically crafted into the likeness of different Chevy vehicles hitting the road today. It offers features that are synonymous with Chevy parts and likeness of performance is guaranteed. 

  • OEM fitment
  • Quality replacements with features of genuine Chevy parts 
  • Finest quality at an affordable price.
  • Certified under ISO quality system and standards
  • Durability that is sure to last for long years
Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Blower Motor

Blower Motor Manufacturer

Established d in 1993, SONTIAN is an aftermarket manufacturer that focuses on developing reliable auto parts for different makes, brands, vehicle types, and year of production. SONTIAN carries varieties of Blower Motor replacements ready to be sent your way. 

100% Brand-New Units

To improve the quality of aftermarkets, SONTIAN uses all new components to create top-of-the-line blower motor replacement for Chevrolet. All products are tested before shipment enabling only quality auto parts are released in the market. 

One-stop Solution

SONTIAN blower motor covers over 30 make including industry giants such as Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Ford, and much more alike. Our product line offers alternatives even to those hard-to-find parts from 1960 models up until now. 

Massive Production Capable

SONTIAN is headquartered in Rui-An City and is seated on a 28,000 square meter facility. We have advance tools such as our 7 conveyor product line capable of mass-producing auto parts in a flash. SONTIAN daily production is numbered to over 8,000 different units and has a record of more than 3 million units annually. 

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO/TS 16949 Certification Manufacturer


Chevrolet Blower Motor Replacement

Chevrolet blower motor is a cylindrical shaped electric component and function as a fan. The blower motor is used to regulate the temperature inside the vehicle as desired. It can either supply hot air or cold air. When the heater core is up, hot air is expected. When Air-conditioning is running, cold air is supplied. The blower motor function as it sends a signal to your Chevrolet blower motor resistor which decides the amount of airflow current needed to be pushed inside the vehicle. Blower motor location is commonly in the internals of the dashboard. 

The blower motor gets the outside air then turns it into hot or cold air in the process. So if you are having a bad blower motor, a weak or no airflow can be expected. This component also alerts the driver if something is wrong utilizing operating noise. 

SONTIAN Blower Motor Manufacturer

Here at SONTIAN, we manufacture every unit we market with the utmost care and attention to detail. SONTINA facility is well equipped with the latest manufacturing technology capable resulting in precisely engineered products that guarantee to meet or exceed OE. We only utilized 100% brand-new materials in construction promoting outstanding product integrity and reliable performance that will top original equipment’. We don’t remanufactured parts or use used compounds, here at SONTIAN, all-new parts are ensured to be received in every order.

Certification and Global Support

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


Case Study
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Need for another service parts for your Chevy? Feel free to explore our vast selection of reliable and dependable replacements for you’re A/C and heating system. If found any corners about the product fitment and related, contact us so we can further assist you.

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