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Cadillac Blower Motor

When in need of a replacement for your Cadillac A/C system component, SONTIAN products are always ready to be sent your way. Our premium part replacements are made with the utmost care and perfect craftsmanship honed by two decades of manufacturing experience. 

  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Crafted utilizing the best materials available
  • Durably constructed to offer many years of reliable service
  • Delivers exceptional temperature control
  • Consistent reliable operational output
  • Tested to meet or exceed your expectations
  • ISO certified product
Why Choose SONTIAN to Buy Blower Motor

Expert Blower Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN is a distributor, supplier, marketer, and manufacturer of a comprehensive line of auto parts replacement that serves the automotive aftermarket industry since 1993.

Brand-New Blower Motor

We manufacture our Cadillac blower motor replacement using superior quality materials and features rigid construction to ensure life expectancy that tops the OEM and performance that mirrors it. 

Wide Application Service

The company produces top of the line climate control products such as blower motor for different applications such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. SONTIAN automotive is one of the leading blower motor manufacturers with over 3 million units output annually. 

Large Volume Production

Mass production has been SONTIAN’s daily bread and butter. The company is capable of producing a large number of auto parts that numbers to more than 8,000 units per day and over 3 million units per year. This makes us one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket parts in China.

Over 25 years
of experience
ISO/TS 16949 Certification Manufacturer


Cadillac Blower Motor Replacement

Heating and air-conditioning have been one of the most common systems of today’s vehicles. This has helped many car owners to travel under extreme outdoor conditions. It brings comfort by supplying enough airflow inside the passenger’s cabin. Serving as the heart of the vehicle’s air-condition and heating system is your Cadillac blower motor. This component is located inside the dashboard and assisted by a switch and blower motor resistor. The blower motor sends a signal to the resistor which decides on the amount of airflow that will be distributed according to the speed of the fan. 

Just like other auto parts and components, your Cadillac blower motor will age causing the whole system to fail and might need replacement. Common signs that your blower motor is failing is the noise when operating and low airflow supply. 


SONTIAN Blower Motor Manufacturer

SONTIAN blower motor catalog caters not only caters to different vehicle makes and brands. Also, they offer compatibility from old cars up to the latest model to date. The company is composed of over 450 general employees that are responsible for keeping all production processes maintained in compliance with the strict standards of the company. This ensures only the best blower motors and other auto parts will make it to the market. We also offer them at a fraction of the price compared to original equipment. 

Certification and Global Support

ISO 14001

EMC Directive 108/EC

IATF 16494


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SONTIAN Cadillac blower motor has an exacting effect and air distribution capability to what your OEM does. Get this premium replacement for your vehicle by dialing the number on the page. Call us now and get a free quote for your orders.

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