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Top Blower Motor Manufacturers

Vehicle nowadays is being manufactured with advanced interior features which include automotive blowers, fans, and HVAC systems. This is necessary especially for commercial vehicles that require consistent cooling due to heavy-duty transportation. Blower motors found in vehicles is part of the HVAC system that is designed to keep vehicle’s passengers to have a comfortable stay inside the car. The blower motor function as the main electric motor that is utilized to blow air through vents. This component is usually controlled by a blower motor resistor and a switch and capable of operating at different speeds to properly regulate the temperature in the passenger’s cabin.

Blower Motor manufacturers have been in continuous pursuit of development and innovation. Blower motors today use DC motor technology resulting in more efficient cooling and performance. Another blower motor development is that the product now features a lightweight construction that reduces vibration and widens the space of ventilation.

Blower Motor Market Overview

The Blower motor market will continue to grow due to the increasing inception of new manufacturers in the OEM and aftermarket industry. Also, one of its growth driving factors is the products wide coverage of applications, which include passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, and many types of electric vehicles present today.

Being directly proportional to the increasing vehicle production, demands for automotive components such as the automotive blower motor are expected to rise for the years to come. Blower motor manufacturer competition is also expected to rise for both the sales channel, which is the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturer.

Regions such as China and Southeast Asia are expected to experience the most growth given automobile productions in given regions are consistently increasing especially in India and ASEAN countries. Here are some of the key manufacturers that shape the global automotive blower motor market for the past year.

Blower Motor Manufacturers List:

Brose Blower Motor

The automotive supplier Brose is one of the leading blower motor suppliers of automotive HVAC system recorded with over 250 million units sold. Brose is one of the few manufacturing companies that has reached the century mark in the automotive industry. Over the years, Brose established facilities from 65 locations in 24 different countries. Overall, Brose has 25,000 employees and has a total sales of 6.2 billion euros turnover in 2019.

Brose blower motor uses a brushless motor with rare earth magnets reduces the unit’s overall weight of about 700 grams compared to variants with brushes. Below are some of the advantages and features of the Brose blower motor:

  • Brushless blower motor with a power range between 250 to 300 watt
  • Highest efficiency available on the market with over 80%
  • Weight reduction by 700g compared to brush variant
  • Operating life of more than 10,000 hours

Brose Official Website: https://www.brose.com/de-en/company/

Brose Brushless Blower: https://www.brose.com/de-en/press/2011/brose-presents-smallest-and-lightest-hvac-blower.html

Brose Products: https://www.brose.com/de-en/products/

Valeo Blower Motor

Valeo is one of the leading air conditioning manufacturers and automotive blower motor suppliers worldwide. Today, 1 out of 3 vehicles produced in Europe can be seen with Valeo blower motor. The company has unrivaled coverage benefiting from its manufacturing facilities located in Germany, France, and Spain. Being a key player in both the aftermarket and OE industry, Valeo offers a comprehensive selection of top-notch parts for a wide range of systems to be enjoyed globally including lighting, thermal, electrical, transmission, engine cooling, and many more.  

Valeo blower motor offers 100% brand-new components. Units are engineered to exceed consumers’ expectations. They are carefully designed to ensure proper air ventilation and heat transfer into the passenger’s cabin.

Benefits you can get from choosing the Valeo blower motor:

  • Perfect fit resulting in fast assembly and installation
  • Maximum comfort guaranteed
  • Minimal noise production regardless of speed and type of vehicle
  • Optimized airflow – reaching desired temperature quick and easy

Valeo Official Website: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com

Valeo Blower and Motor: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com/passenger-car/air-conditioning/valeo-blower-motors-key-element-your-ac-system

Valeo AC Products: https://www.valeoservice.com/en-com/passenger-car/air-conditioning

ACDelco Blower Motor

ACDelco Blower Motors are an ideal replacement motor for the original equipment of almost every GM vehicle. Space and weight-efficient – units’ guarantees to efficiently move air needed for ventilation, heating, and air-conditioning using the ACDelco blower motor resistor. Also, quiet operation is to be expected due to reducing vibration production.

Features and benefits of ACDelco Blower Motor:

  • Magnetic type motor is designed to handle heavy operation demands
  • Brushless and magnetic-brush styles available
  • Most of the units are permanently lubricated, self-aligning bearings designed for long life and dependable performance
  • Made out of high-quality materials for optimum durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

ACDelco CA Official Website: https://acdelcocanada.com/

ACDelco Parts: https://acdelcocanada.com/parts

ACDelco Blower Motors: https://acdelcocanada.com/parts/air-conditioning/gm-oe-blower-motors

Delphi Blower Motor

Delphi is a world-class blower motor supplier and a veteran manufacturer of different automotive components present. The company has over 50 years of OE experience in creating fuel handling systems. Delphi invented the first automotive radiator back in 1911, the first car heater in 1929, and the very first vehicle air conditioner in 1954. If you are looking for the best auto parts manufacturer, surely Delphi is one of them with over 100 years of field expertise serving OEMs such as Toyota, Ford, Audi, and Ferrari.

Delphi blower motor provides robust performance and capable of withstanding extreme conditions such as drastic temperature shifts, heat, dust, and vibration. All units are guaranteed to operate quietly for more comfortable driving. Specifications are identical to that of OE for matching performance, durability, and life expectancy.

Delphi Blower Motor Difference:

  • OE engineered for matching durability
  • Robust, dependable motor operation
  • Withstands temperature shifts, humidity, dust, and vibration
  • Permanent magnets and lubricated bearings
  • Pre-balanced OE quality fans

Delphi Technologies Official Website: https://www.delphi.com/

Delphi US Products: https://www.delphiautoparts.com/usa/en-US/category/parts

Delphi Blower Motors: https://www.delphiautoparts.com/kor/en/product/blower-motors

BEHR Blower Motor

BEHR is an automotive manufacturer that is a joint venture between MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co.KG, Germany, and Anand. The company is a leading blower motor supplier name in the world of automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Dedicated to enhancing both comfort and vehicle efficiency, BEHR has established a manufacturing brand that will supply advance thermal management solutions for every automobile there is.  The company’s extensive product line includes A/C evaporator cores, compressors, expansion valves, radiators, and much more.

Behr blower and motor are designed to meet three separate requirements: save valuable package space despite increase airflow performance, a high efficient temperature control via Behr blower motor resistors, and products form the excellent HVAC system acoustics.

BEHR Blower Motor features:

  • Premium parts consumers can rely on
  • Designed to keep A/C system in top shape
  • The finest quality at a great price
  • Built to last for many reliable years

Mahle Behr Official Website: https://www.mahle.com/en/

Mahle Behr Products and Services: https://www.mahle.com/en/products-and-services/

Mahle Behr Air-condition Products: https://www.mahle.com/en/products-and-services/passenger-cars/air-conditioning/

GPD Blower Motor

GPD has humble beginnings in the name of Auto Air of Macon in 1974. The company started as a simple automotive A/C installation and repair shop. Over the past decades, GPD has evolved into one of the most dependable blower motor suppliers and sources of different automotive HVAC parts for the Aftermarket industry in the United States. Application compatible with GPD products is late model cars and trucks. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience combined, sure GPD is a brand consumer can rely on.

GPD blower motor for the automotive HVAC system sets a high standard for the aftermarket scene. They are manufactured from superior quality materials and feature solid construction to ensure exceptional durability and wear resistance. GPD blower motors can be expected to be of service for many years to come. Moreover, they are designed to meet the specifications of many OEMs in the market.

Features of GPD Blower Motor:

  • Designed to ensure efficient operation
  • Made from high-strength materials for lasting service
  • Offers excellent resistance, which eliminates premature wear and tear
  • Perfect fitment and installation
  • Guarantees to meet and exceed stringent quality standards.

GPD Official Website: http://www.gpdtechtips.com/

GPD Blower Motor: http://www.gpdtechtips.com/techtip143-globalpartsdist.html

Blower Motor PDF: http://www.gpdtechtips.com/uploads/8/2/8/2/82823116/143_-_gpd_blower_motor_design_w_wheel.pdf

Four Seasons Blower Motor

Four Seasons is a manufacturer that is part of the SMP Temperature Control Division. The company distributes a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control products. Four Seasons are the largest aftermarket mobile climate control parts supplier in the automotive industry and the largest compressor remanufacturer in the world. Four Seasons blower motor reviews received outstanding feedback from the public gaining favor to many customers in the aftermarket scene.

Four Season Blower motor and other products they offer are guaranteed to be tested, validated, and inspected before every shipment. All products are engineered to deliver years of trouble-free operation. Also one of the rising product they offer is the BLDC or the Brushless Direct Current Motors, the product is known for its technologically advanced engineering, high-speed ranges, longer operating life, and efficient cooling aid.

Benefits of Four Season Blower Motor:

  • More Speed Control  with less power demand
  • Quick response to control changes
  • Increase service life
  • Quiet operation
  • Larger operating speed range

Four Seasons Blower Motor BLDC: https://www.4s.com/en/products/blower-motors/overview/brushless-motors

Four Seasons Company Profile: https://www.4s.com/en/about/about-us

Four Seasons Official Website: https://www.4s.com/en

MOPAR Blower Motor

MOPAR is an exclusive blower motor supplier and source of different auto parts for prestigious automaker brands including Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, Dodge, and Fiat. The company has over 8 decades of manufacturing expertise applied to every product they produce up to date. Many individuals such as professional technicians, racers, and casual car owners have benefited from their products. Mopar authentic engine, drivetrain, and transmission parts alongside cooling system components can be seen equipped by thousands over thousands of vehicles hitting the road today.

The Mopar blower motor is designed to look and perform as what top-of-the-line original equipment does. Mopar automotive parts and accessories are designed to fit many vehicles makes and models today. Made using the latest manufacturing technologies, the Mopar blower motor is sure to meet the highest quality standards established. Mopar parts provide outstanding performance and durability that will be of use for many years to where applied.

Listed below is what makes Mopar blower motor different compared to its competitors:

  • An ideal solution to keep every OE vehicle in shape
  • Crafted from superior materials and manufacturing tools
  • Meticulously engineered to ensure proper, exceptional performance
  • Highest resistant to temperature and other causes of wear and tear
  • Designed to meet or exceed the highest quality standards

Official Mopar Website: https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-garage/select-vehicle.html

Mopar Parts and Services: https://www.mopar.com/en-us.html

Motorcraft Blower Motor

Motorcraft is a manufacturing brand that was launched by Ford Motor Company in 1972. Motorcraft today is the most trusted manufacturer for vehicle-specific replacement parts for Ford vehicles, Mercury, and Lincoln. Motorcraft has an extensive line of premium automotive parts from A/C Compressors and alternators to wiper blades and wire sets. Motorcraft products feature OEM quality and fit and are designed to maximize the performance of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models. As Ford trusted manufacturer, consumers are certain to source tier-one auto parts here.

Motorcraft blower motors are built for specific vehicle applications. The unit has a simple, bolt-in installation features for shorter installation times. Motorcraft blower motor offers fitment, looks, and functions just like Ford’s original equipment.

Features of Motorcraft Blower Motor:

  • Direct OEM replacement – provides a proper fit
  • Recommended by Ford Motor Company
  • Made of handpicked materials
  • Finest quality at an affordable price
  • Include engineering enhancements
  • Delivers excellent combination and balance of quality, fit, and durability

Motorcraft Official Website: https://www.motorcraft.com/

Motorcraft Air-Condition Products: https://www.motorcraft.com/us/en_us/home/our-products/air-conditioning.html

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