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Harmony on the Path, Forge Ahead Together | SONTIAN’s Successful 2024 Supplier Conference!

On the afternoon of April 20, 2024,Sontian Company organized a supplier conference. More than 70 supplier representatives and guests attended the meeting.Sontian Company General Manager Dai Xuezhi, Deputy General Manager Dong Xingyou and other senior leaders of Sontian Company attended the meeting.

Sales Manager Ms.Zheng analyzed the market situation from the past to the present with the supplier partners: The market is changing rapidly and advancing.It used to be like a big cake, and everyone reasonably distributed it and took what they needed. But now the overall economy is in a downturn, the competition pressure is high, and some brands are cutting prices to grab market share. All we can do is work together with our supplier partners to enhance corporate value and support each other to jointly seize the market.

Manager Song from the Purchasing Department and Manager Zhu from the Quality Assurance Department analyzed and summarized the data on material qualification rate, delivery on time rate, concession acceptance improvement, etc. from 2023. With the support and cooperation of supplier partners, all data have increased significantly year-on-year.

Afterwards, leaders from Zhejiang Xinli New Materials Co., Ltd. and Hai’an County Yingqiu Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. took the stage to share their management experiences on corporate management, sales management and other aspects with everyone.

Amidst warm applause, the leaders of Sontian Company awarded the Outstanding Supplier, Best Collaborative Supplier, and Outstanding Supplier for Quality Improvement in 2023, and took photos with all participating supplier partners.

Dong Xingyou, deputy general manager of Sontian, mentioned that the current market situation can be described by a very popular word – the rat race. In order to enhance market competitiveness, suppliers should work with Sontian to improve technology, management and process, reduce the eight major wastes, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Crisis is both a danger and an opportunity. We hope that suppliers will stand together with Sontian through thick and thin, share weal and woe, and stand out in the market.

General Manager Dai Xuezhi expressed his deep gratitude to all supplier partners for their support and cooperation in 2023!

In his speech, General Manager Dai pointed out that the current situation in the automotive industry is not optimistic. Most cars are reducing their prices, engaging in price wars, technology wars, and quality wars. How to deal with the current situation and how to find opportunities and solutions in the crisis are issues that Sontian and all suppliers must face. In 2024,Sontian will focus on the corporate strategy of “two highs and two lows” (high-quality development, high-quality products, low costs, and low prices), earnestly implement the “three new, three fast, and three good” (three new: technological innovation, product innovation, and management innovation; three fast: fast development, fast delivery, and fast resolution; three good: good employees, good products, and good quality)Sontian core value concept, continue to take “three transformations” (informatization of operation management, refinement of system management, and intelligent process improvement) as the entry point and focus, and strive to improve the quality of Sontian brand products and service level.

We are united in the same aspiration and forge ahead. We hope to work hand in hand with all suppliers to create a win-win future!

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