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United in Effort, Striving Forward | SONTIAN Motor’s 2024 Spring Team-Building Event a Great Success!

On May 18th, with the first rays of the morning sun, SONTIAN Company’s team-building event kicked off amidst laughter and joy. We gathered together not just to enjoy this rare team time but also to create more wonderful memories together.

Teamwork Creates Great Achievements

At the beginning of the event, SONTIAN’s core team expressed their love and high expectations for this team-building event through a military-style training display. Waving party and company flags inspired every Matsuda member’s patriotic spirit and team spirit.

This was followed by a series of intense competitions, one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the event. Everyone enthusiastically participated in the meticulously planned team-building games, full of energy, unity, and mutual assistance.

The various fun team cooperation games not only exercised everyone’s teamwork ability but also strengthened the bonds between colleagues. Participants relieved stress, rediscovered their inner child, and sparked creativity during the activities.

Practicing Words, Achieving Distant Goals

The second day marked the main highlight of this team-building event – the SONTIAN motor “Practicing Core Corporate Values” themed speech competition.

After the host announced the competition rules and format, the confident contestants entered the competition. Each participant showcased their talents, sharing their thoughts and ideas. This was not just a simple speech contest but also an internal exchange and collision of ideas, stimulating more team potential.

As the competition concluded, the judges selected the winners, who were then awarded certificates and prizes.

United in Effort, Striving Forward

SONTIAN’s General Manager, Dai Xuezhi, delivered a concluding speech for the event. Firstly, he explained the purpose and significance of organizing this team-building activity: on one hand, it allowed colleagues from various departments to know and understand each other more deeply; on the other hand, the speech competition gathered like-minded individuals who share the same values, enabling everyone to unite and move forward together.

Mr. Dai then elaborated on the current status and prospects of the automotive parts industry, expressing hope that all company employees would unite and forge ahead. Despite the downward pressure on the market economy, with united effort and determined progress, we have enough confidence to move forward. With everyone’s joint efforts, SONTIAN Motor will undoubtedly grow stronger and bigger, achieving the corporate vision of “Creating the SONTIAN Brand, Leading the Industry.”

Reflecting on this spring team-building training, we not only gained knowledge but also were moved and empowered. Each vibrant individual grows and progresses continually within the SONTIAN family. They use their actions to interpret the true essence of corporate core values, showcasing the company’s charm and strength.

Let’s move forward hand in hand, with greater enthusiasm and firmer belief, practicing our corporate core values and creating a bright future for the company!

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